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Automotive Airbag Fabric Market is witnessing remarkable expansion USD 55.98 Billion by 2031, Due to Imposing stringent safety standards

The Automotive Airbag Fabric Market, valued at USD 32.16 Billion in 2023, is anticipated to reach USD 55.98 Billion by 2031. This translates to a promising Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.12% for the forecast period (2024-2031). Airbag fabrics are a crucial component of automotive safety systems, playing a vital role in protecting passengers during collisions.

Multiple Drivers Fueling Automotive Airbag Fabric Market Growth

Growing concerns for passenger safety are a primary driver of the automotive airbag fabric market. Stringent government regulations mandating airbag installation in new vehicles further propel market growth. Furthermore, the increasing number of airbags per vehicle, driven by advancements in safety technology and consumer demand for enhanced protection, creates a positive market outlook. The rising popularity of electric vehicles presents a significant growth opportunity for the airbag fabric market.

The market also benefits from increasing disposable income and improving living standards, leading to higher investments in automobiles with advanced safety features.

Automotive Airbag Fabric Market
Automotive Airbag Fabric Market

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Automotive Safety Innovates with Motorcycle Airbags and Sustainable Materials

  • In June 2023, Autoliv, a leading automotive safety systems supplier, announced its plan to launch its first-ever motorcycle airbag in 2025. This innovative product signifies the company’s commitment to expanding its safety solutions beyond automobiles.
  • In October 2022, Lear Corporation, another prominent player in the automotive seating market, unveiled ReNewKnit, a sustainable suede material for car seats and door panels. This eco-friendly material is crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles, reflecting the growing focus on environmental responsibility within the industry.

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Impact of Geopolitical Tensions on the Automotive Airbag Fabric Market

Geopolitical tensions can disrupt the airbag fabric market through supply chain issues for nylon and aramid fibers, causing price fluctuations and impacting production costs. Rising oil prices due to instability can discourage car purchases, leading to lower demand for airbags. Regional economic downturns caused by tensions can further decrease vehicle sales and airbag fabric needs. Consumer priorities might also shift towards essential goods during such times.

Market Segmentation of Automotive Airbag Fabric Market

By Airbag Type:

  • Front Airbag
  • Knee Airbag
  • Side Airbag
  • Curtain Airbag
  • Other Airbags

By Component:

  • Airbag Inflator
  • Airbag Control Unit
  • Airbag

By Vehicle Type:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

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Airbag Fabric Market Segmentation

The automotive airbag fabric market caters to different vehicle types and airbag functionalities. By airbag type, side airbags lead due to their focus on protecting crucial body areas. However, knee airbags are expected to see the fastest growth. The market is further segmented into components – airbag inflators (initiating deployment), airbag control units, and the airbags themselves. Different airbag types require specific inflator technology. Finally, the market is categorized By vehicle type, with passenger vehicles currently dominating. However, stricter regulations are expected to propel significant growth in the commercial vehicle segment.

Key Insights To Gain from This Automotive Airbag Fabric Market Report

  • Understand the market’s projected growth trajectory to 2031, reaching USD 55.98 Billion, driven by factors like rising safety concerns and electric vehicle adoption.
  • Identify the key forces propelling market growth, including stricter safety regulations, increasing airbag installations, and the popularity of electric vehicles.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the market segmentation by airbag type (side airbags leading currently, with knee airbags showing the fastest growth), component (airbag inflators being critical), and vehicle type (passenger vehicles dominating, with commercial vehicles poised for significant growth).
  • Explore the geographical landscape of the market, with Asia-Pacific leading due to rising car demand and stringent regulations. North America and Europe are also key markets with strong projected demand.
  • Understand the potential disruptions and opportunities presented by geopolitical tensions, including supply chain disruptions, fluctuating oil prices, and shifting consumer priorities.
  • Stay updated on the latest innovations in the market, like the launch of the first motorcycle airbag and the use of recycled materials in car interiors.

Table of Content- Major Points

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Market Dynamics
  4. Impact Analysis
  5. Value Chain Analysis
  6. Porter’s 5 forces model
  7. PEST Analysis
  8. Automotive Airbag Fabric Market, By Airbag Type
  9. Automotive Airbag Fabric Market, By Component
  10. Automotive Airbag Fabric Market, By Vehicle Type
  11. Regional Analysis
  12. Company Profiles
  13. Competitive Landscape
  14. Conclusion


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