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Android TV vs Smart TV: Which One Is Better

With so many options for TV available in the market, it can be difficult for many people to decide which one to go for. From Android, Roku TV, and Fire TV to smart TV, every TV comes with its distinct specifications that determine its performance and quality. Getting a new TV is not just about purchasing a device, but it works as a long-term investment that should last for the next 5-10 years on average. If you are confused about choosing the best among the two options: Android or Smart TV, then you should consider reading this article till the end to find out which one fits your needs.

Android TVs

Android TVs are built with an Android OS. From Google Play Store, you can download all the apps that are compatible with your device. This means that you can easily pair your device with an Android phone or other devices for casting videos or sharing files, without any difficulty. However, at times, its OS can be a limitation for many people to access applications and make use of features that are exclusively available to smart TVs.

Nowadays, most Android TVs come with a built-in Google Assistant that allows users to use their voice to send commands to the device. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily require you to press remote buttons for switching the channel or playing movies and TV shows on Netflix. With a built-in Chromecast, you can use your smartphone to stream videos on your TV screen. Hence, there is no need to buy a projector for watching videos on your big screen. Besides, Chromecast does not require you to plug cable wires to establish the connection between two devices. All you need is a reliable internet connection like HughesNet and you are good to go!

While Android TVs are easy to operate for most smartphone users in the US, some may find it difficult if they haven’t used Android UI before. This can be a barrier for non-tech-savvy people with no prior experience in using a smart TV. Another downside of Android TVs is that they are limited to specific manufacturers only; hence, you can’t expect the same OS from the rest of the companies that manufacture smart TVs across the world.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are TVs that are built with various features and specifications that can be used by connecting them to the internet. They are also known as internet TVs due to their advanced software that can run a wide range of apps, including Facebook, YouTube, and Netflix. With a smart TV, you will get the best of both worlds: a smart device and a TV.

The best thing about smart TVs is that they come with a simple user interface that can be easily used by anyone. Even if you have never used any type of smart device, you can still operate a smart TV without any hassle. Hence, they are best known for their usability and accessibility as they do not require users to run a setup before using them for the first time. However, the downside of smart TVs is that they are not built with a voice assistant that could allow you to input voice commands for navigating through the smart TV. In fact, you will have to type every single word using the remote that comes with the TV. For this reason, we recommend you sign up for dish tv packages  to seamlessly stream on-demand titles on your standard TV without investing a hefty amount on a smart device. You can go for a plan that offers a voice-activated remote when you subscribe to the bundle offer.

Which One Should I Invest In: Android TV or Smart TV?

If you are confused between the two options, then you need to evaluate your needs and requirements to understand which one works best for you. While Android TVs can be easily upgraded to the latest version, it can be challenging to upgrade your smart TV’s software, which can affect the performance of applications running on your TV. Besides, Android TVs allow users to download apps directly from the Google Play Store. This way, users can easily install gaming, streaming, and browsing apps that are currently doing rounds across the world.

Now that the differences are clear, it will be easier for you to determine which one will be ideal for you. For convenience and scalability, go for an Android TV. But, if you need a TV with an easy user interface, then smart TV is the right choice for you.

Closing Thoughts

Buying a new TV is not as affordable as it used to be. With technological advancements, companies are launching new devices now and then, making it difficult for users to conclude their search for the right product. But, if you are skeptical about your decision to buy an Android TV or a smart TV, then scroll up to read all the details about the two devices.