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American Dreamers Announces Launch of Financial Club

It feels more and more like the promised “American dream” is a prospect of the past than it is an achievable goal. With increased costs of living, stagnant pay, and uncompromising working conditions, things can feel hopeless. But if there’s any inspiration to be found, it’s that there are people who are still fighting the odds and are paving brighter futures not only for themselves but for other people as well.

American Dreamers is a private wealth empowerment company that’s dedicated to helping individuals accumulate and distribute wealth through education, private coaching, and financial services. With the launch of this club, the company wants to provide an environment where members are encouraged to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle, actualize their goals, and keep their dreams on financial track.

Founder and president Nekei Lewis is the architect of success behind American Dreamers and the newly established Financial Club. She has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs to guide them towards successful and lucrative, sustainable businesses. She comments,

“I want to teach people five important steps that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. I want them to learn how to invest in themselves, invest in assets, make smart lifestyle choices, create strong plans, and stay disciplined. In today’s world, there’s so much noise and distraction and stress. Sometimes, you just need someone to sit down with you and say, ‘I see you, I hear you, I understand you, but here’s how we go from here.’”

By bringing her experience to individuals seeking financial and personal stability, Nekei believes that more people will be able to confidently build the lives they want to lead. With the launch of the Financial Club, members will also receive a financial planning bag, an exclusive American Dreamers leather, a waterproof and fireproof document bag, and access to the WEALTH dashboard.

Members of the Financial Club will also be connected with other financial partner consultants that will help them through various stages of their financial journey, whether it’s at the very beginning with learning fiscal responsibility or with organizing one’s estate and building a trust. These consultants provide members with actionable plans that help them work towards and broaden their visions and goals. There’s also an established community where members can share their stories and find inspiration in the journeys of other entrepreneurs such as Rasheeda Wallace of CSMG Inc., Danny Parrott of The People’s Herbalist, and Taameir Drew of Harlem Apothecary.

Nekei adds, “The Financial Club is just the start of bringing financial literacy and empowerment to average people. We’re so blinded by the constant bombardment of news about things that are out of our control that we forget how much power we actually have to change their own lives. This is what the Financial Club is for; this is what American Dreamers is all about.”

American Dreamers also hosts a number of workshops, seminars, and webinars to share valuable knowledge about securing wealth, estate planning, building a legacy, and more. The financial planning bag will debut this winter as part of a ‘sneak peek’ for American Dreamers’ financial retail line, which will be featured at a kiosk in Jersey Gardens Mall. To learn more about the Financial Club or American Dreamers, visit the company online at americandreamers.club.