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A Lunch with Tesla and SpaceX Founder and CEO Elon Musk

Having lunch with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a dream for many people. But one person has adopted an exciting approach to gain Musk’s attention and score a lunch with the Tesla Founder.

Marius du Preez devoted his time to Tweet relentlessly on his Twitter until Musk invited him for lunch.

He is willing to fly across the world to have lunch with the visionary inventor and businessman. Such an opportunity, he says, would enrich his life and grant him a chance to discuss a business idea Tesla’s founder.

Preez has always been fascinated by Musk’s sincerity towards various social and scientific issues. He noted that significantly few high-ranking businesspeople could precisely address such problems without creating a backlash.

According to him, Musk seems in touch with the current state of affairs and future issues, including the fate of humanity. He claims that having lunch with Musk would be exciting and an eye-opener for him concerning the future.

Preez disclosed that he owns a Tesla and loves driving daily to work and on long, fun trails away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It still baffles him how many miles a Tesla can pack on a single charge and the level of comfort the vehicle provides.

He attributes this engineering fete to Musk’s ingenuity and careful consideration of comfort and performance. Preez adds that Tesla’s excellence proves that Musk understands the average car owner’s needs at a surprising level. He advises anybody interested in electric vehicles to give Tesla a try.

The blogger added that Musk had replicated Tesla’s high standards in his SpaceX space program by inventing reusable rockets that cut down space travel costs by a considerable proportion.

The influencer says it’s astonishing how Musk transformed the U.S. space industry in a few years and cut off dependency on Russian rockets when relations were down in the trenches.

The SpaceX CEO also plans to transform the communication industry by providing internet in the remotest parts of the world and geo-spatial transfer of information through his StarLink satellites. He also intends to provide a future home for the human race by colonizing Mars.

Similarly, the tourism industry will benefit from space tourism thanks to Musk’s revolutionary thinking and astute business acumen.

Preez says he follows Musk’s life philosophy and learned the importance of asking for help when in need without shame or guilt. He stated that a problem shared is a problem half-solved.

Additionally, asking for help is part of the learning process, allowing individuals to gain knowledge and insights from people with similar problems. The tweep said nobody is better to learn from than the most talented businessman in the world.

Musk’s dedication to his goals and dreams is astounding. According to Preez, Musk’s business and tech vision is ahead of his time.

On whether Musk could actually invite him for lunch, Preez says his dream is not far-fetched. He notes that many people have succeeded in having lunch with Musk.