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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development to Peru

Perched on the western coast of South America, Peru is captivating the world with its remarkable blend of ancient history, breathtaking landscapes, and booming technology sector. While renowned for its archaeological wonders like Machu Picchu, this vibrant nation has also emerged as a hidden gem for software development.

In this article, we unveil why Peru is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for businesses seeking to outsource their software development projects. From a rich talent pool to favorable business conditions, get ready to discover why Peru is a prime choice for unlocking innovation and accelerating your company’s success.

Let’s jump right in!

Peru 101: What You Need to Know

Before teaming up with software development companies in Peru,  consider getting familiar with the essentials of this fascinating country. Here’s a brief guide to get you started:

  • Population: Peru has a population of approximately 33 million people, making it the fourth most populous country in South America. The population is diverse, with a mix of indigenous people and people of European and African descent. 


  • Capital: The capital and largest city of Peru is Lima. It is home to around 10 million people and is the country’s economic and cultural hub.


  • Language: The official language of Peru is Spanish. Indigenous languages such as Quechua and Aymara are spoken by a significant portion of the population, particularly in rural areas. English is a common second language, particularly in urban areas, tourist destinations, and among younger generations. 


  • Currency: The official currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol (PEN). The exchange rate to USD is 3,68 PEN to 1 USD as of May 2023.


  • IT Industry: The IT  industry in Peru has been growing steadily. Lima, in particular, has emerged as a major technology hub in South America. The government has implemented initiatives to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of the IT sector. Peru has a growing number of tech startups and offers opportunities in software development, IT consulting, e-commerce, and digital services.


  • Business Climate: Peru has experienced significant economic growth in recent years and is considered one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. The country has a market-oriented economy with abundant natural resources, including minerals, agriculture, and energy. It has implemented policies to attract foreign investment, promote trade, and improve the business climate.

Peru has achieved a commendable ranking of #31 out of 137 countries on the BTI Transformation Index, surpassing countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Paraguay. This index assesses a nation’s ability to navigate social change toward democracy and a market economy.

Why Peru is Your Ultimate Destination for Software Development Outsourcing

Ready to boost your company’s growth with talented Peruvian developers? Here are the reasons why outsourcing to Peru can supercharge your business:

1. Highly Skilled Work Force

Peru has established itself as a prominent destination for remote software development, partly due to its robust education infrastructure. A noteworthy example is the University of Engineering and Information Technology, established in 2011, which has quickly evolved into one of Latin America’s most influential technology centers, producing skilled professionals. 

Peru boasts a thriving IT industry with a pool of highly competent developers who possess extensive knowledge and experience in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. 

Their technical expertise allows them to tackle complex projects efficiently, meet strict deadlines, and provide innovative solutions tailored to clients’ requirements. Moreover, the Peruvian developers’ commitment to ongoing learning and professional growth ensures they remain up-to-date with the latest advancements, making them a valuable asset for any outsourcing venture.

2. Affordable Labor Costs

The labor costs in Peru are comparatively lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive destination for outsourcing. By leveraging this advantage, businesses can significantly reduce their expenses.

It is important to note that the differences in salary between US-based and Peruvian developers do not reflect the quality of work. The exceptional work quality of Peruvian software engineers remains unaffected despite the cost, and the lower salaries in Peru are primarily attributed to the comparatively lower cost of living in the country.

Additionally, Peru offers a favorable business environment with lower overhead costs, such as office space and infrastructure. This allows companies to save on operational expenditures, ultimately contributing to cost savings. 

3. High Retention Rates

Peru boasts impressive retention rates among its software developers, showcasing the stability and loyalty of the workforce. Many software professionals in Peru are committed to their employers, often staying with the same company or project for extended periods.

This high retention rate is a testament to the positive working environments, career growth opportunities, and attractive benefits that companies in Peru offer to their employees. It also reflects the strong sense of professional fulfillment experienced by software developers in the country. 

High retention rates mean more productivity, better teamwork, and a positive work environment. Additionally, retaining employees saves time and money on recruiting, hiring, and training new staff. 

4. Cultural Similarities

Peru and the United States share cultural similarities that can contribute to harmonious business relationships. Peruvian and American professionals often find common ground in their work ethics, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

The emphasis on innovation, creativity, and problem-solving is a shared value that drives the software development landscape in both nations. Moreover, the business practices and professional standards align closely, facilitating effective communication and understanding between Peruvian and American teams.

5. Time Zone Proximity

When partnering with programmers based in Peru, you can expect a maximum time difference of four hours. This relatively small time gap ensures convenient and efficient collaboration between teams in different countries. 

6. Impressive Technical Infrastructure

Peru has witnessed a surge in initiatives by both the government and the private sector to foster extensive infrastructure development. These efforts have not only focused on general infrastructure but have also prioritized creating favorable conditions for software developers in the country. 

As a result, Peru has established several thriving hubs with highly viable infrastructure for software development. These hubs provide a conducive environment with great internet connectivity, modern office spaces, advanced technology infrastructure, and supportive amenities. Overall, software developers in Peru have access to all the necessary resources and tools to carry out their work effectively. 

Peru: Your Strategic Partner for Software Development Outsourcing Excellence

With a growing ecosystem of startups, increased investments in technology infrastructure, and a focus on nurturing local talent through education initiatives, the tech industry in Peru is set up for even greater development in the future.

By embracing the opportunities offered by Peru’s thriving software development scene, you can achieve remarkable success in your business endeavors. So, why wait? Leap forward and uncover the benefits of outsourcing to Peru.