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Beyond Sand Dunes: Unique Experiences for Your Dubai Desert Adventure

The Dubai Desert Tour is one of the most thrilling and fascinating experiences you can have while visiting Dubai. The Dubai desert offers a wide variety of activities and breathtaking views. From the exhilarating adventure of Dune buggy Dubai in desert safari to enjoying wildlife, there are countless things you can do there. 

The following tips and tricks will assist you in preparing for the Dubai desert tour and ensure your trip is hassle-free.

8 Things You Can Try on Your Dubai Desert Adventure

You can try eight things for a memorable tour in the Dubai desert. 

1. Experience the thrill of a Desert Safari Tour

You can quickly navigate the spectacular lands of the desert if you drive a dune buggy Dubai. The Dune buggy rental in Dubai is a private tour where you ride on a motor vehicle with special equipment and instructions from the rental company and have the time of your life. 

2. Spend a Day in a Hot Air Balloon Over The Desert

Board a hot air balloon from a single point of view and experience the desert safari. The tours normally arrive in the morning to enjoy the stunning views as the sun rises. If you are brave enough, ride in a hot air balloon. Remember to bring a camera to snap these mesmerizing sights.

3. Take a Ride on a Sandboard 

Taking part in the desert sport of sandboarding offers a unique perspective on the desert. A desert safari would not be complete without a ride down the dunes on a board! It will be great fun, so include this experience in your wish list.

4. Have Camel Rides in the Desert

You will likely see camels in the desert of Dubai, so why not take a ride on one? There is no doubt that camels are gentle animals, and the owners of the camels will guide you on how to board a camel if you are unfamiliar with it. You can also visit camel farms to learn more about horse riding and even select one to ride that you like.

5. Drive a Quad Bike 

It would be an enjoyable experience to drive a quad bike in the desert. It is similar to the dune buggy Dubai ride and provides the same experience with the same safety equipment. Although a quad bike is more difficult to handle due to its weight, only book it if you can easily handle it. 

While both are enjoyable rides, you can find the best offers on Enduro Bike Advanture for events in other desert regions.

6. Riding in a Classic Land Rover 

For an even more abundant experience, you can do the desert safari on a retro Land Rover. These tours offer many other activities to enhance your desert safari experience, they may appear costly, but they are worth considering if you have a budget. 

7. Take a tour of the Hatta Heritage Village.

Experience life in a restored mountain village, Hatta, whose centuries-old stone and mud houses provide insight into the lives of the villagers. Consider pairing your visit to this village with a four-hour journey, as most tours include transportation.

8. Discover the Wildlife of The Desert in Dubai 

Take a Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve tour with a knowledgeable safari guide. This will allow exploring the natural habitat and biodiversity of the UAE’s most well-maintained region.

How Can You Prepare for Your Desert Tour?

Having a better understanding of what to do on your desert tour, there are some things you can do to prepare for it. 

1. Avoid Overeating Before The Tour

Avoid overeating during the Dubai desert tour as it may cause discomfort, especially during the dune buggy ride. Eating before the thrilling activity will only cause discomfort and an upset stomach as the activity involves much movement.

You should eat about six to eight hours before the tour pick-up time. Generally, it takes six to eight hours for most of the food to be digested. A light meal is fine since it is not recommended to go without food. 

2. Bring Medication to Treat Dizziness.

It is recommended that you bring medication to prevent dizziness. As we previously mentioned, dune buggy Dubai is an activity that involves a significant amount of movement. Consequently, if you experience dizziness during or after dune bashing, anti-dizziness medication is recommended.

3. Schedule a Convenient Time for The Tour

For a successful Dubai desert tour, you must schedule your tour at a convenient time. Since Dubai has a hot desert climate, most people prefer the morning when the temperatures are low or the late afternoon just before sunrise, particularly if you plan a dune buggy rental in Dubai

Contact your rental company to ensure they can manage you during these durations. 

4. Dress in a Comfortable Outfit

You should wear comfortable clothes to ensure an enjoyable experience since it will be a long journey in the Dubai desert. Wearing comfortable clothing is therefore recommended. You should bring a jacket if you plan to travel at night. The weather may become cooler during the night.

Wearing modest clothing is as important as selecting comfortable clothing. The UAE has a dress code that must be followed. If you are riding a dune buggy rental in Dubai, you must wear fully covered clothes to avoid dusty sand getting in your body.

You should also wear shoes with open toes so that the sand does not enter your shoes, resulting in unpleasant experiences. The open shoes allow you to wander freely through the desert without encountering difficulties. 

5. Take Sunscreen With You

It is blazing hot in the Dubai Desert. Therefore, we recommend that you bring sunscreen. Thus, you can enjoy a comfortable experience as your skin will be protected from the sun. Those with sensitive skin should take special care when they do this.


Embarking on a Dubai desert tour offers many exciting experiences and adventures.

Whether you indulge in thrilling dune buggy Dubai, sandboarding, or marvel at the mesmerizing sunset over the vast desert landscape, there are endless possibilities to make your desert tour unforgettable.

If adventure, cultural immersion, and natural beauty are on your wish list, take advantage of an unforgettable trip to the Dubai desert, and we hope this guide helps you.