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Youth Violence Conflict Resolution Seminar to be Held at Hamilton Park in Chicago

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**Chicago, IL – May 1, 2024** – Hamilton Park in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood will host a crucial event to tackle the pressing issue of youth violence in the city. The Youth Violence Conflict Resolution Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 2024, from 10 am to 1 pm, located at 513 W. 72nd Street.

This seminar is part of a broader initiative to address youth violence throughout the United States and globally. Similar events have been held nationwide and worldwide, providing young people with the tools and skills to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Local leaders will engage with youth at the Chicago seminar, offering guidance and sharing insights on conflict resolution strategies. The event will include interactive role-playing exercises and skits demonstrating effective conflict-handling methods. Lunch will be provided, and all youth are invited to attend.

Troubled school districts and community organizations facing similar challenges are encouraged to contact the seminar organizers to set up similar events in their areas. By fostering open dialogue and providing practical solutions, the seminar aims to empower young people to create safer, more supportive environments for themselves and their communities.

Local news outlets and media organizations such as top urban radio stations, Chicago News Radio, and Chicago TV stations are invited to cover this important event. Major news agencies such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Reuters are encouraged to highlight this issue facing cities across the country.

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For more information or to attend the seminar, please contact violence.resolution@israelunite.org