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Young Visionary Amirul A’dha Launches NFT-Based Platform in Malaysia

Tbilisi, Georgia, June 23, 2023, Amirul A’dha, a young visionary with a passion for uplifting struggling farmers and breeders, proudly announces the successful launch of FarmingviaNFT.io, a groundbreaking platform that aims to transform the agricultural landscape in Malaysia. With the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and a commitment to adhering to Sharia principles, FarmingviaNFT.io offers a novel approach to funding farmers while providing tiered benefits to investors.

Growing up in an agricultural region, Amirul A’dha witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by farmers in accessing financial support. Small-scale farmers often found themselves trapped in hardship, with mainstream banks ignoring their needs and predatory lenders taking advantage of their vulnerability. Determined to make a difference, Amirul shared his visionary idea with Dato’ Haadi Azhar, the CEO of Rimaunangis Digital LLC, who recognized its immense potential and joined forces to bring it to life.

Through a fruitful partnership with PT. Mitra Sangkara Abadi, an Indonesian company and the creator of the Sangkara token ($MISA), FarmingviaNFT.io           quickly became a reality. In a remarkable feat, the platform attracted 60 dedicated members within just three days of its launch, all united by the collective goal of ushering agriculture into the digital era.

FarmingviaNFT.io, guided by the ethos of “Changing the World from the Village,” is set to revolutionize the way farmers and breeders access funding. By leveraging NFTs, the platform provides a secure and transparent ecosystem where investors can contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector while farmers gain access to the financial resources they need to thrive. The integration of Sharia principles ensures that the platform operates ethically and inclusively, catering to a wide range of stakeholders.

Central to the platform’s success are the Rimaunangis token ($RXT) and the Sangkara token ($MISA). These digital assets not only serve as a means of exchange within the platform but also offer investors the opportunity to support farmers and breeders directly. By participating in the FarmingviaNFT.io marketplace, investors can contribute to the uplifting of struggling farmers and breeders, while potentially benefiting from the growth and success of the agricultural projects they support.

With its innovative approach and transformative potential, FarmingviaNFT.io aspires to become one of the world’s foremost NFT marketplaces. By bridging the gap between traditional agriculture and the digital realm, the platform aims to empower farmers, boost agricultural productivity, and foster sustainable growth in Malaysia and beyond.

Amirul A’dha and the dedicated team behind FarmingviaNFT.io invite investors, farmers, and breeders to join them in their mission to revolutionize agriculture and uplift communities. Together, they strive to create a future where farming is not only financially viable but also a source of pride and prosperity for all.

For more information about FarmingviaNFT.io and its transformative initiatives, please visit https://www.farmingviaNFT.io


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