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WoW PvP Tier List

World of Warcraft is full of opportunities for players to engage one another in group and individual battles. Which classes are more suited for PvP?  

Dragonflight is more than just farming WoW gold and doing raids 24/7. PvP is another prominent feature in World of Warcraft, and much content places players duking out on each other for rewards or just for the pure fun of it. While every class can participate in friendly or intense duels with other gamers, some characters are more suitable for this scene in World of Warcraft. If you want to become the best and dominate WoW’s PvP content, rerolling to the most potent player-versus-player-oriented classes would be the optimal choice.  

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s PvP Features 

Players can participate in several PvP modes in World of Warcraft if they prefer duels with other people. Depending on the type of fights you are running, you must adjust your WoW tier sets to fit your situation better. The first and rawest form of player-versus-player is War Mode. This feature makes gamers hostile to other characters from the opposing Alliance, which happens in the open world. There are no goals or secondary objectives other than defeating the enemies in front of you and surviving. 

If you are only in for short PvP sessions and don’t like being hunted by hostile factions 24/7, you can queue up for either Battleground, PvP Arena, or Rated. The first is a large-scale group battle that can see up to 40 players per team waging war against each other. The arena is a team-based fight, with each group comprising two or three people. Meanwhile, Rated can either be Battleground or Arena, but they are more competitive because you will get adjustments to your ratings after every win or loss.  

Aside from the joys of battle, the main reason people join in on PvP is the hundreds of fantastic rewards. These types of content can provide players various currencies to exchange for epic items from certain NPCs. In addition, you get extra rewards for accomplishing certain conditions or reaching a high enough rating.  

PvP Tier List 

In PvP, there are three roles that you will queue to play for your group. Each has its importance and functions, and each job in WoW is tied to one position. Here are all the roles in World of Warcraft: 

  • DPS – damage dealers of the group (burst or Damage-over-time) 
  • Tank – durable characters that act as the frontline and receive the bulk of the damage while doing other functions such as crowd controller or aura provider 
  • Healer – recovery specialists that provide healing and buffs to ensure the group’s survival 

Regardless of your joining mode, your class will determine how easy it is for you to win and dominate specific fights. Every character in World of Warcraft can participate in PvP, but some excel more than others. Here is the latest WoW Dragonflight PvP Tier List: 

DPS Tier List 

S Tier 

  • Shadow Priest – can deal tremendous damage but requires heavy damage over time management and combo usage.  
  • Demonology Warlock – has amazing single-target DPS but is very reliant on pets to deal damage 
  • Affliction Warlock – has significant ramp-up damage but requires good management for cooldowns and combos 
  • Havoc Demonhunter – high burst damages but needs to land abilities due to large cooldowns 
  • Windwalker Monk – does not specialize in any field but is generally excellent in all areas 
  • Marksmanship Hunter – has high burst damage but is very vulnerable during cast times 
  • Assassination Rogue – has some of the highest DoT DPS output but lacks burst damage 

A Tier 

  • Destruction Warlock – good burst damage and crowd control makes up for the lack of mobility 
  • Arcane Mage – good burst damages but has very long cooldowns 
  • Frost Deathknight – is good at frontline battles and has decent damage but hard to maneuver 
  • Unholy Deathknight – excellent single-target and AoE DPS but has inferior mobility 
  • Feral Druid – high DPS paired with good mobility but is very reliant on combos and synergies 
  • Survival Hunter – easy combos ensure consistent DPS but tend to fall off on large group fights 
  • Fury Warrior – straightforward and high DPS output but requires careful combo management 
  • Retribution Paladin – great frontline battles with decent utility skills but has poor mobility 

B Tier 

  • Elemental Shaman – has outstanding utility skills but only for specific situations 
  • Subtlety Rogue – can only do serious burst damages when DPS buffs like Shadowdance are active 
  • Outlaw Rogue – high DPS, but damage output relies on Roll the Bones perks 
  • Balanced Druid – good damage upkeep but tends to fall off due to mobility issues 
  • Devastation Evoker – very mobile and does decent damage but relatively small HP 

C Tier 

  • Beast Mastery Hunter – easy combos and decent damage, but reliance on pets makes it hard to consistently DPS 
  • Arms Warrior – excellent mobility and decent DPS but is highly limited by cooldowns 
  • Fire Mage – tons of burst damage but can be quickly taken down due to squishiness 

Tank Tier List 

S Tier 

  • Guardian Druid – good damage, excellent mobility, and high sustain paired with high damage reduction but requires good skill management and combos 

A Tier 

  • Brewmaster Monk – significant damage mitigation and utilities but has the lowest HP in the tank pool while also a bit vulnerable to constant magic DPS 
  • Protection Paladin has excellent utility, crowd control skills, and sustain but has one of the lowest HP in the tank pool and a little window to react to situations. 

B Tier 

  • Protection Warrior – provides significant damage and peeling capabilities but is vulnerable to magic and ranged damage. 

C Tier 

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter has good opening damage and fast cooldowns but limited damage mitigation and could be more versatile.  
  • Blood Death Knight – great sustain and crowd control immunity but very immobile and less durable than most tanks 

Healer Tier List 

S Tier 

  • Discipline Priest – has excellent single target and group healing but has poor mobility and less room for mistakes. 
  • Restoration Druid – has excellent heal and heal-over-time for a single target paired with high mobility but has limited responses to damage reduction and high burst damage. 
  • Mistweaver Monk – durable, mobile, and has excellent healing but very mana hungry and takes a while to master 

A Tier 

  • Restoration Shaman – great stacked healing and excellent survivability but has long cast times and lacks tank recovery. 
  • Preservation Evoker – excellent healing and defensive buffs with additional mobility but has a very short range and is vulnerable during cast times. 

B Tier 

  • Holy Priest – great single target and group-wide healing but lacks instant cast spells and damage reduction buffs.  
  • Holy Paladin – very durable, has single solid target spells, and great party auras but has poor mobility and burst AoE healing. 

Depending on their playstyles, these tier lists help players navigate the classes to see which would excel in PvP. Before players pick their job, they should still consider the efficiency of these characters in the PvE scenario because they will still need to farm WoW gold through raiding. Gamers should note that tier lists are not permanent and can change depending on future changes and patches.