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World Premiere Video: Love Power the Band “Psychedelic Halo”

Love Power the Band has unveiled their highly anticipated music video for their latest single, “Psychedelic Halo.” The band, fronted by Ananda Xenia Shakti, a founding member of girl punk band B-Girls, is known for their transformative and interactive music that aims to spread messages of love and unity.

Watch the video HERE.

The single, which has already reached #1 on the UK iTunes New Age Songs chart, is a mystical and ethereal song that blends chaos and order to create a captivating musical experience. The track was composed by Shakti and features her vocals, along with Niranjan Gundu Singh on guitar, Markos Alexander Ordoriez on bass, and Shambhu Natha on drums and percussion. The result is a vibrant sound bath that aims to awaken higher realm consciousness and activate the kundalini energy.

The inspiration for “Psychedelic Halo” came to Shakti during meditation and evolved from a singer-songwriter vibe to a fusion of the Velvet Underground and Angelic Realms. The band, which describes their music as “Music for Body and Soul, Vibrational Healing, and Celebrating the Festival of Life,” hopes to convey a powerful message of oneness and love through their music, which they believe is born from the “Song of the Divine.”

The music video will also be available on Love Power The Band’s YouTube channel. Fans can expect to be immersed in a cosmic truth and powerful message of oneness while watching the video. The band encourages viewers to sing, dance, and connect with the divine while experiencing “Psychedelic Halo.”

In addition to their successful music career, Love Power The Band also has a strong message of love and unity. Their website, onlyloveisreal.love, showcases their mission to spread love and positivity through their music and beyond. With a global appeal and a message that resonates with many, Love Power The Band is making waves in the music industry.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the World Premiere of “Psychedelic Halo” and the opportunity to connect with Love Power The Band’s music and message. Be sure to experience the cosmic and transformative energy of Love Power The Band and their latest single and video.