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Why do you need an online portfolio?

If you have no idea what a portfolio is, consider it to be a compilation of your best work that you would like hiring managers to view. It is also an excellent way to show your credentials and accomplishments.

Even if your profession is not one that is frequently referred to as “creative,” you can have a portfolio. Although you might be confused about the kinds of work examples you should put in your portfolio. But let’s say you have experience running an ad campaign. You can include an example of that. Basically, anything that you have done throughout your career, you can share it. 

Why do you need an online portfolio?

A portfolio can strengthen your application even if it is not necessary or required in the job posting. It will help you stand out from the sea of other candidates and bring attention to you.

In addition to improving the quality of your application, it gives hiring managers more evidence of your qualifications than your CV does.

Since nowadays everything is online, your portfolio should be online as well. You can easily create it with website builders specifically made for portfolio websites. But before you settle on a website builder, you will need to look at reviews of hosting that will provide excellent services. You can do that by visiting hostadvice

Benefits of having a portfolio 

Well, we have covered the basics of why and how,  now we can get into the exciting part. Here we will discuss a  few benefits or reasons you should have an online portfolio. 

Adds value to your application

Recruiters and hiring managers review hundreds of job applications each day. Despite being one of the most important documents you have, your CV shouldn’t be the only one.

Your portfolio provides evidence to support the accomplishments listed on your CV, which hiring managers will value.

Makes you stand out 

You want to catch the eye of the recruiter. With a link to your online portfolio, you might accomplish that more successfully. 

Visuals are far more likely to get the attention of hiring managers. These samples won’t only get their attention; they will also offer your application more personality and character, which is crucial if you work in a field where portfolios aren’t often required.

As was already said, hiring managers frequently go over plenty of applications. You want to be remembered, and a portfolio serves that purpose. 

Progress overview 

As the progress and time of your profession goes on, it’s natural for you to lose sight of all the minor details of the work you have done. But you don’t want to forget the response to “what did you work on in this position?” when the hiring manager asks you in the middle of the interview.

When you have a portfolio, you get the chance to go over your prior work and accomplishments on the spot. This implies that you will be able to show them precisely what you’re referring to throughout the interview, in addition to being able to fully address their questions.

Can get you a promotion 

Having a well-organized portfolio showcasing your earlier accomplishments is beneficial when asking for a promotion from your management. Your case will be much stronger if you can remind your manager or supervisor of all the fantastic things you’ve achieved and illustrate the impact you’ve had in your role. Your boss or supervisor might not always recall all the things you’ve accomplished.


Sometimes it would be helpful to take a step back and reflect on your accomplishments and progress. When starting the process of self-reflection, having all of your resources in one place may be quite beneficial. As you take a look at your portfolio, consider where you started, where you are, and where you want to go. It’s a great way to help you as you develop in your career. 


Having a portfolio of your work is beneficial both for you and your career. You can ask for promotions or bonuses based on the work you showcase in your online portfolio.

You will be able to stand out as an applicant and increase your chances of getting hired in a new position. You want to use all the resources you have in order to progress in your career, having an online portfolio is another tool you can use to achieve that progress.