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What it takes to get into the $8 trillion logistics biz BY JAMES CAI

It’s a maxim that Jovid Bekov, a young entrepreneur lives by.

“When opportunity knocks, take it by the horns.”

The Tajik-American businessman owns JB Carriers, a trucking company he founded in 2021 seeing the opportunity in the trillion-dollar logistics business. His idea for the venture began when he witnessed the supply chain crunch gripping America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I just remember the scene at the onset of COVID in 2020 when people were losing their minds over toilet papers,” he said, while also recounting the empty shelves in supermarkets as multitudes were panic buying.

“Plus, the sudden high prices of alcohol, wipes, and hand sanitizers.”

He wanted to be part of mitigating the crunch while also getting out of his comfort zone.

Standing at six feet with a muscular frame and a handsome face, Jovid Bekov is a male fashion model and aspiring actor. His work ethic forged by the uncertainty of the fashion and entertainment industry. The 34-year-old artist and entrepreneur is no stranger to hard work.

But he admits, starting a business is a different story.

“There’s a new kind of mindset you need for it,” he said.

“Because you’re not only thinking of how to be excellent on your own, but how all pieces in the puzzle can work seamlessly for the good of your clients, drivers, and of course your business’s finances.”

Bekov started JB Carriers with a single truck, which he drove himself at the beginning.

He clocked in thousands of miles in mileage and even studied the seats and the features of the vehicles. He immersed himself in the day-to-day lives his future employees would go through; dining and showering at truck stops, living the life of a full-time truck driver.

“In my view, as a boss, it doesn’t mean you’re lording over,” Bekov noted. “But it’s about being the guy who’s there to inspire and help people who want to and who value their work.”

As someone who was an employee himself (he used to work at a coffee shop and high-end retail outlet), Jovid knows that an enterprise is only as good as its weakest employee. His goal is to be an inspiring boss who will make those working for him feel that they’re valued.

“Driving a truck is no easy feat,” he said. “You’re carrying tons of goods worth tens of thousands of dollars, transporting it in a giant hunk of metal through uncertain weather conditions.”

Succeeding in the trucking business and the logistics world at large takes a lot of hard work, according to Bekov. But as he envisions expanding JB Carriers’ fleet to a dozen trucks in 2023, he discovered that the ultimate ingredient to a successful logistics operations and business can be summed up in one word.

“People,” he declared.

You can follow Jovid on his Instagram here [http://instagram.com/jovidbekov]