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USA’s Education Support Service Distributes 26,000 Textbooks Among College Students

USA, 16th March 2023 – SolutionInn, a USA-based education support service company, distributes over 26,000 textbooks among college and university students aiming to reduce their financial costs. The company started its free textbook campaign to provide support to students who could not buy expensive textbooks and were completing their education after taking a loan.

The company provides free access to an immense library of 1.5 million study guides. Around 35,000 students from California have been provided educational support and 20,000 students from New York, Texas, Florida, and other states have taken advantage of the services of the organization. According to the data provided by SolutionInn, over 340,000 students from the USA have signed up for the company website. Every day, around 300 students sign up from the USA and 1200 students sign up from all over the world.

The education support service company provides free study membership, which is a limited-time offer. As well as it announces scholarship programs and merit-based contests for graduate and undergraduate students to win a monthly reward, so they can meet their educational expenses. Students with high GPAs and remarkable performance in academics and extra-curricular activities have brilliant chances to win education support from scholarships.

The education costs and consistently increasing prices of textbooks compel students to quit their studies or take loans to continue it. According to the latest reports on student aid, college students in the United States borrowed $29,100 to meet their educational expenses during 2020 and 2021. Almost 65% of students do not buy textbooks because of their high prices. It does not only negatively affect their grades but also put their career at risk.

SolutionInn continues its efforts to make education affordable and available for every student. It provides study help to college and university-level students by providing textbook solutions, online tutoring, and 24×7 help from subject experts. It also provides career advice and self-development tips to students and professionals for career growth.