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Unlocking the Future: A Deep Dive into SPECIEX Token’s Distribution and Vesting Strategy

London, 27th Sept 2023: Cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm, and among them, SPECIEX Token stands out as a promising player. Behind its success lies a well-thought-out token distribution and vesting strategy. Let’s delve into the details of how SPECIEX Token is distributed and vested.

Category Total Tokens Vesting Period Release Schedule
Promoters & Seed Funding 10% (150,000,000) 7 Years (84 months) 20% after 24 months, then 8% every 6 months
Development & Technology Team 10% (150,000,000) 2 Years (60 months) Locked for 2 years, then full release
Community Staking 55% (825,000,000) 10 Years (120 months) 5% every 6 months for 10 years
Growth & Strategic Partner 5% (75,000,000 5 Years (60 months) 20% after 36 months, then 20% every 6 months
Advisor & Analyst 5% (75,000,000 5 Years (60 months) 25% after 24 months, then 12.5% every 6 months
Airdrop & Bounty 5% (75,000,000 7 Years (84 months) 20% after 36 months, then 5% every quarter
Strategic Reserve Fund 10% (150,000,000) 2 Years (24 months) Locked for 2 years, then utilization or burning

 Promoters & Seed Funding (10% – Locking for 7 Years)

The foundation of any successful cryptocurrency lies in its early supporters. SPECIEX Token allocates 10% of its total supply to Promoters & Seed Funding, ensuring that those who believed in its potential from the beginning are rewarded. The vesting schedule is semi-annual over seven years, with an initial release of 20% after two years, followed by 8% every six months.

Development & Technology Team (10% – Locking for 2 Years)

In the ever-evolving crypto landscape, innovation is key. To incentivize the Development & Technology Team, 10% of SPECIEX Tokens are dedicated to this segment. These tokens locked for 2 years, with full release after this period.

Community Staking (55% – Locking for 10 Years)

Community engagement is at the heart of SPECIEX Token’s success. A substantial 55% of tokens are reserved for the Community Staking program, promoting long-term commitment. These tokens vest semi-annually over ten years, with 5% released every six months.

Growth & Strategic Partner (5% – Locking for 5 Years)

Partnerships drive growth in the crypto world. SPECIEX Token allocates 5% to Growth & Strategic Partners, incentivizing collaboration. Over a five-year period, tokens vest semi-annually, starting with 20% after three years and followed by 20% every six months.

Advisor & Analyst (5% – Locking for 5 Years)

Expert guidance is invaluable in the crypto sphere. SPECIEX Token sets aside 5% for Advisors & Analysts. These tokens vest semi-annually over five years, with 25% unlocked after two years and 12.5% every six months thereafter.

Airdrop & Bounty (5% – Locking for 7 Years)

Spreading the word is essential. SPECIEX Token reserves 5% for Airdrop & Bounty programs. These tokens vest quarterly over seven years, with 20% released after three years, followed by 5% every quarter.

Strategic Reserve Fund (10% – Locking for 2 Years)

Planning for contingencies is prudent. SPECIEX Token sets aside 10% as a Strategic Reserve Fund, initially locking these tokens for two years. After this period, tokens can be utilized for strategic purposes or based on market conditions and community feedback, considered for burning.

SPECIEX Token’s distribution and vesting strategy are designed to ensure longevity, reward early believers, and foster community engagement.

Important Note: The vesting and distribution of SPECIEX tokens are conducted through PinkSale, a trusted platform that ensures a secure and transparent process. Check the token lock record from here


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