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Top Luvmehair wavy wigs that offer you styling versatility


Wavy wigs allow you to style your hair as you desire. From beach waves to tight curls, you can try any look you need. With wavy wigs, you can flaunt a perfect hairstyle on any occasion. However, finding the right wigs to match your personality can be tough.

With the wigs we shortlisted for you, it will be easy to find the right wig and style in the best manner.

African American Wigs

If you are an African American, you may not find all the other wigs that attractive. Going for African American wigs will be a perfect option for you. These are made with 100% natural human hair with all their natural characteristics to keep these wigs glamorous.

Apart from the hair structure of these wigs, the stuff underneath also brings value for you in many ways, like the following.

·  A variety of textures and volumes are available.

If you want to keep with your local hairstyles, then African American wigs bring you the best range of textures and volumes. From curly to straight and from long to short, you get all sorts of options when going with these wigs.

Some other options differ on hair structure, color, and lace structure under the wig. Hence, the freedom to choose the best suits you best and gives off the most natural looks.

·  There is nothing that can go wrong with these wigs

Regular wigs might not be the most attractive for you for certain reasons. However, when you get African American wigs, there is nothing that can go wrong. You get everything from reliability to comfort and gorgeous looks with these wigs.

On top of everything, these wigs are easy to install with the least maintenance requirements while you get the perfect African American touch to your hairstyle without any effort.

·  Best for daily wearing, especially for beginners

The African American wigs are good for beginners who want a daily-wearing wig. It is because of the minimal requirements of these wigs that allow you to try different hairstyles. Whether you are an African American or not, these wigs will give you a gorgeous and natural look with zero skills.

So, you get the opportunity to style well, and the chances of learning about wigs will also increase.

Balayage Wigs

The name of Balayage wigs comes from the unique coloring technique that means sweeping on different hair strands. These wigs are made with natural hair, so the colors look natural, while the balayage color structure gives these wigs a unique and attractive look.

The color starts lighter around the roots and gradually gets dense as you come closer to the ends, which makes these wigs different from many other options.

·  Softly melted hairline for more natural looks

When a wig with natural human hair is dyed, it gets important to produce as natural a look as possible. These wigs get even more important because of the gradient color structure. So, Balayage Wigs come with a softly melted hairline color and pre-plucked hairline.

Both of these qualities make the hair blend in so well that detecting if you are wearing a wig or not gets so difficult.

·  Pair with different types of attire

Going for the balayage wigs does not restrict you to any specific hair color. The uniqueness of the color structure makes these wigs easier to pair up with different attires. You can wear one with your formal clothes, and this wig will also make a great pick for wearing at parties. Thus, you can enjoy a lot of versatility with this wig.

·  Higher hair density for a fuller feel

Different wigs come with different hair density percentages. In most cases, it is up to 100% which replicates your natural hair density. So, if you want higher hair density, get balayage wigs, as these offer you 150% hair density.

Putting these wigs on, you will instantly feel higher hair density, and the best part is that you get to try several hairstyles. With a higher hair density, all the styles will suit you, especially if your natural hair is not that healthy and dense.

Body Wave Wigs

Body wave wigs are the wigs that bring you great value from every aspect. From styling to the wavy structure and comfort, you can enjoy these wigs for all their qualities. Body wave wigs make a good choice for daily wearing, and occasional wearing as the hair is straighter than curly but wavier than straight hair.

The hair structure of these wigs gives a natural and subtle look while keeping these undetectable regardless of your natural hair structure.

·  A most comfortable, reliable, and durable option

Body wave wigs are known for their reliability, comfort, and durability. A huge credit for this goes to the hair of these wigs being 100% natural and the usage of premium lace that not only makes the wigs easy to install, but the wigs last longer than usual.

Altogether these qualities also enhance the breathability of your scalp so that you get a much more comfortable wearing experience.

·  Natural waves from natural human hair with a natural feel

Everything looks and feels so natural about the body wave wigs. Starting from the hairline, it comes pre-plucked to ensure that the hairline is not too striking and blends well with your style.

Secondly, the natural human hair of these wigs offers you different natural characteristics to choose from, including structure, length, color, texture, etc. So, selecting the right wig will always keep you looking natural.

·  Never stick to the same hairstyle with one wig.

One of the best things about the body wave wigs is that you do not need to stick to one hairstyle with one wig. These wigs are designed to let you try different hairstyles and are made with human hair with different characteristics; your styling options further increase. Thus, you can try different hairstyles to see which suits you the most and enhance your styling experience.


With the versatility of wavy wigs selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Select the wavy hairstyle wigs you are comfortable wearing daily, and you will never regret your decision because of the glamorous looks while trying versatile hairstyles.