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Thomas Priore: MXM™ POS, Priority’s New POS for Businesses, Debuted at ETA Transact 2023

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, June 5, 2023 – MXM POS, an innovative new point-of-sale (POS) solution developed under the leadership of CEO Thomas Priore at Priority, and designed to meet the demands of various business sectors, from restaurants to retail and beyond, made its official debut at ETA Transact 2023. Held annually, ETA Transact is a three-day premier event for payments professionals. This event showcases cutting-edge embedded payments technologies and FinTech solutions, and this year, it was the platform where Thomas Priore and his team at Priority unveiled their latest innovation.

“We used our industry insights and our vision for the future of payments to create MXM POS, a system that offers distinct features and benefits,” said Thomas Priore, CEO of Priority. “Merchants will see value, benefits, and advantages by moving to MXM POS including the ability to run all orders through one POS system, quickly complete e-commerce sales transactions, and access to front-end and back-office operations support. We have designed a fundamentally better system to save merchants cost and time,” said Priore.

Thomas Priore emphasized the importance of modernizing the commerce experience through advanced point-of-sale systems like MXM POS and other emerging FinTech payment and banking solutions. Priority is focused on delivering a combination of payments and banking solutions that help SMBs succeed by accelerating cash flow and optimizing their performance,” said Priore.

MXM POS Offers Tailored POS Solutions That Adapt to Individual Merchant Needs

“Business owners today are faced with many challenges, but how, when, and where they accept and make customers’ payment transactions can be one of the biggest hurdles to business success,” Priore states. Implementing an individualized point-of-sale solution, such as Priority’s MXM POS, can ensure businesses run smoothly and profitably.

“From providing a seamless, convenient customer payment experience to tracking orders in real-time and/or online, or receiving valuable sales insights via best-in-class analytic reporting technology, when it comes to payment solutions, MXM POS is adaptable,” according to Priore. MXM POS aims to improve customer adoption and increase average sales revenue while simultaneously simplifying operations. The API-driven, cloud-based MXM POS offers two comprehensive platforms for restaurant and retail applications, each designed to deliver customizable, highly efficient payment solutions that enhance business performance. Priore points out whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop or a large-scale retailer MXM POS has the versatility to match and support unique business needs.

  • MXM POS for Restaurants features a kitchen display system, order tracking, pricing, online ordering/delivery (compatible with DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats), table management, and menu management.
  • MXM POS for Retail offers a suite of fully integrated, retail-specific POS features that can be scaled to size and tailored to meet market-sector-specific demands and accounting integrations with Xero and QuickBooks.

MXM POS Helps Businesses Stay on Target by Utilizing Versatile Technology

Along with its straightforward setup and adaptability with MXM’s integrated partner ecosystem for multiple vendors to optimize operations, MXM POS also takes advantage of the latest technological advancements to deliver intuitive, targeted solutions for its users for online and in-store interactions.

MXM POS All-in-One, manufactured by Priority, is a sleek, modern, comprehensive POS system that comes equipped with a 15.6″ touch screen, wide-screen display, and a built-in thermal printer (with an optional 10″ customer-facing display in the back). Its eye-pleasing design scores big aesthetic points for taking up minimal counter space while providing an effective, user-friendly experience on the front and back end that’s unparalleled.

MXM POS Mobile solution enables tableside ordering and payments via mobile devices. The system is easy to learn and offers features designed to streamline back-office and front-end operations that include menu display and table layout, as well as accepting EMV/NFC payments, tips and split payments, print receipts, and cash discount/customer reward programs.

Thomas Priore, Executive Chairman & CEO of Priority, believes that modernizing the commerce experience through advanced systems like MXM POS and other emerging FinTech payment and banking solutions won’t just offer competitive advantages to business owners, but may actually hold the key to long-term business success. Whether business owners are looking to automate business processes for improved efficiency or want to grow sales through an enhanced customer experience, solutions like MXM POS can help businesses of all sizes and with all sorts of challenges.

With the introduction of MXM POS, Priore and the Priority team are showing their dedication to offering innovative, adaptable solutions that are well-positioned to significantly influence the industry, ensuring businesses have the necessary tools for growth and success.



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