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The Unpredictable Mazayah Legend Andrews

In today’s world where people are struggling to deal with their lives, as inflation is at its peak. There are countless of people going bankrupt worldwide not because they’re not hardworking or they lack motivation it’s just that they didn’t concentrate to adapt the change, they didn’t accept that the world is evolving so fast that they may end up being behind of their competitors. On the other hand a large group of people realized it that’s it’s a digital world consists of countless opportunities, one of the prominent names out of that group is Mazayah Legend Andrews who made sure that he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to grow and his portfolio speaks for himself. A multitalented individual who aced almost every field, let it be sports, entertainment or corporate. With a staggering net worth of $6.7M. People usually lose their motivation when they have enough in their bank account to live the rest of their lives king size but for Mazayah, it’s not about him, it’s about his legacy, it’s about creating generational wealth not only for his kids but his grand kids as well.

One of the biggest achievements of Mazayah’s life is that he broke the stereotype of Polygamy relationship not only in US but globally, people who used to hate on him are now his fans that how he manages all that so effortlessly. Recently Mazayah surprised his fans by announcing his 4th wife Dezaray Carrera to the internet. Now when people hear about Polygamy, all they think about is the wild stuff but a visionary like Mazayah, he looks way ahead of that. Now, all this started in Broward County when Mazayah met Dezzy at a manicure appointment and they both immediately fell in love. It’s very rare to find your soul mate once but Mazayah is blessed in his love life that not only once but he fell in love 4 times with different women of different qualities. As his 3 wives Stephanie Almonte, Taitum Martin, Rosa Zelaya are already helping him to build his empire with successful businesses like Vakarui Paris, FunRentals305, Foreign Auto Detailing and many more, now having Dezaray on board will open many opportunities in the beauty salons field as she is one of the best nail artists in the United  States. She specializes in Nail Tech and not to forget she’s a Gemini who are very well known for being very inquisitive nature which makes them great learners.

Mazayah is all set to launch his new nail shop under Dezaray’s supervision to grow their empire even larger and that day is not far when this new venture would become as successful as his existing businesses that are growing at an amazing pace. Even after being involved in countless of business ventures, Mazayah is planning to release his 5th book that would help people to understand that this life is given once and one should make the most out of it, not for themselves but for their coming generations and for the society as well. As they say “The streets aren’t made for everybody. That’s why they made sidewalks.” – Cookie Lyon. If we look at this quote deeply, we will find Mazayah Legend Andrews far away from the sidewalks, instead he is all set to pave a way for countless of people throughout the world, to make it big in their lives.