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The mentalist “marref mohamed Ramzi” reveals some secrets of his book “The Guide to Learn propless Mentalism”

Many people try to know what is going on in the mind by reading the thoughts of others since ancient times, in order to explore intentions and identify unknown things that may not be clear through direct question.

The so-called propless mentalism appeared, and it is one of the axes of the mentalism that does not require the use of a special tool or a means of modern technology, but depends in particular on body language and suggestion, which are some of the methods and methods that the mentalist resort to embody the actual meaning of mind reading.

For the sake of knowing more and revealing the secrets of this art, we talked to the mentalist ‘Marref Mohamed Ramzi’, the author of the book ‘The Guide to Learning the propless mentalism’, He asserts that in recent years he has developed powerful ways of engaging with ‘volunteer’ thoughts in an interesting way by studying the psychological mechanism that underpins these forced techniques.

He also explained one of his tricks of reading minds that rely on Narrow the range of possibilities by eliminating letters or whatever Known as the ‘anagram’ system.

for example:

Asking some questions is whether it is a birth month ‘Volunteer’ contains the letter ‘A’ and the letter ‘Y’ ,and through His answers, based on some of the famous principles of ‘mentalism’ such as the ‘repeat principle’, are able to guess the month.


It is noteworthy that Marref Mohamed Ramzi was born on February 19, 1994 in Kouba, Algeria, and has been residing in l’eucalyptus since 2010, And he has a bachelor’s degree in human resources management.


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