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The Importance of Having a Good Real Estate Agent When Buying Property in Phuket

Let’s make one thing clear: a real estate agent is not just a mere necessity, but a crucial ally who possesses the expertise, professionalism, and integrity required for a successful property purchase.

Navigating the realm of homeownership can be challenging even in one’s home country, and buying property in Phuket demands external assistance. Whether you’re investing in a rental property or seeking a retirement haven, the difference between a regrettable investment and finding your dream home often hinges on choosing the right agent.

Here are several compelling reasons why agents play an indispensable role in your property search:

1. Local Knowledge:Phuket is a sprawling island covering 543km2 and comprising 12 distinct sub-districts, each with its own distinct character and subtle nuances. For those unfamiliar with the area, determining the ideal location to buy can be a daunting task. A competent agent possesses comprehensive knowledge of each neighborhood and can provide valuable insights to guide your property search. Moreover, their expertise is not limited to the present but extends to historical perspectives, enabling them to anticipate future developments and predict the trajectory of different areas over the next 5-10 years. This awareness is crucial, especially when reconciling budget constraints and desired preferences. For instance, if you long for a sea view within a limited budget, a knowledgeable agent would suggest considering Cape Panwa or the coastal areas of Paklok. Their insights are particularly invaluable in light of the recent changes brought about by COVID-19.

2. Current Market Trends:Unlike many Western countries with reliable data sources like Zillow, Thailand lacks a comparable platform for property information. Consequently, buyers rely on agents to provide accurate and up-to-date data on sales volume, anticipated developments, planned infrastructure changes, areas witnessing increasing demand, and those experiencing a decline. Staying abreast of market trends is essential, and agents are your gateway to invaluable market insights. COVID-19 has significantly impacted Phuket’s property market, making it even more crucial to have an agent who can steer you away from unfavorable investments and direct you towards areas with promising return on investment (ROI) over the next five years.

3. Expert Advice on Property Ownership in Thailand: Before embarking on a property search, it is essential to determine which types of ownership you are open to considering. From foreign freehold to Thai company freehold, leasehold, protected leasehold, or Thai freehold, understanding the options is crucial.

4. Pricing Guidance:Drawing upon their market experience and negotiation skills, agents can evaluate whether the seller’s asking price is fair and negotiate on your behalf. This is particularly relevant for off-plan projects where agents may have established relationships with developers and insight into previous successful deals.

5. Understanding Real Estate Contracts:Real estate contracts in Thailand may differ from those in your home country. Reputable and experienced agents, such as those at Storm Real Estate, have extensive familiarity with Thai contracts. They have encountered various contract scenarios, facilitated transactions at land offices, and work alongside trusted lawyers to ensure your interests are protected. While it’s advisable to hire a lawyer when purchasing property in Thailand, having an agent well-versed in contracts provides an added layer of security.

6. Why Paying for an Agent Doesn’t Burden the Buyer’s Pocket:The payment structure in Phuket adheres to the standard practice of agents receiving a commission from the seller, whether it’s a private owner or a developer. Upfront fees are not charged by agents; instead, the commission is settled upon the completion of a successful deal.

7. Property Viewings Made Convenient by Your Agent:  Coordinating and organizing viewings for multiple properties on the same day is an intricate task that often goes unnoticed. However, this service saves buyers a substantial amount of time and effort, offering a hassle-free experience.

In Conclusion

Choosing a reputable agency becomes paramount when engaging a real estate agent for property acquisition in Phuket. Unfortunately, the profession remains unregulated in Thailand, leading to a proliferation of agents and agencies lacking the fundamental knowledge and professionalism necessary to serve clients effectively.