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The First SARMs Cycle: Overarching Principles and the Bare Essentials

This will be a high-level summary of some fundamental dos and don’ts that you should consider carefully before starting your first SARMs cycle. Learn everything you should know about SARMs before you consider running your first cycle.

On the first cycle, you should only use one suppressive SARM.

This method is recommended for effectively minimising any potential adverse outcomes or complications.Suppose you start your first SARMs cycle with a massive stack of different compounds and have severe side effects. In that case, it may be challenging to determine which one is to blame and, therefore, difficult to find an effective solution.

It would help if you didn’t try to tackle even a two-compound SARMs cycle for the first time. A person with no background in utilising SARMs who combines LGD-4033 with Ostarine may find it challenging to determine whether the compound is to blame for an unwanted impact or if the two are to blame together.

You can reduce the likelihood of experiencing adverse effects and speed up the process of determining what is causing them by utilising only one suppressive medication throughout your first SARMs cycle. It would be dangerous to introduce multiple compounds to your body if you didn’t know how they would react individually.

Before using a SARM, it’s essential to grasp its operation fully.

Be well-versed in the benefits and risks of the SARM you’re considering utilising before beginning treatment.

As a result of hearing “you use this one, it’s the best” from some random gym bro, many dudes will start a cycle of this compound without even the most basic knowledge of what it is or how it works.

Learn everything you should know about SARMs before you consider running your first cycle. The importance of post-cycle therapy (PCT) cannot be overstated, nor can the importance of knowing what it is and how it is done correctly.

The use of PCT is mandatory.

If you are utilising a substance that will inhibit your endocrine system, it is highly recommended that you go through a PCT phase of some kind, despite what you may have heard. Some people may be able to skip post-cycle therapy (PCT) altogether and still make a full recovery, but this is certainly not the case for others, and it is far safer for everyone to follow a good PCT regimen after any cycle.

When you’re off cycle, keep dieting and training as intensely as you were while on the cycle.

In other words, just because you made significant gains while on the cycle doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the work and eating well now that you’re “off cycle.”

Whether you keep up your rigorous workouts and healthy diet after finishing your first SARM cycle significantly impacts how much muscle you’ll be able to keep.

Many people mistakenly believe they can slack up on their diet and workout because they aren’t getting any anabolic support. When bulking, your cycle length should be long enough to safely increase your caloric intake and strength levels while still gaining noticeable muscle.