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Setapp Launches New Feature: Play Different File Types on Mac

Youghal, Co. Cork, Ireland, April 28th, 2023– Setapp, the leading platform for Mac apps, is excited to announce the launch of its latest feature: Play Different File Types on Mac.

This new feature allows users to play a variety of file types on their Mac, including video and audio files that were previously not compatible with the system’s native players. With Setapp, users can now enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience when it comes to playing different file types, without the need to download additional software or codecs.

Playing different file types on a Mac device is not an easy task, especially if users don’t have experience in handling different file formats. This is made much easier if they know what tools to use. With the right tools, they can play almost any file type on your device.

Playing WAV Files on Mac

One very common file type that people want to play is WAV. WAV or Waveform Audio File Format is a high-quality format used mostly professionally, such as in recording studios. If user has a Mac, this can be tricky since not every media player natively supports the format. Thankfully, there are tools available that can convert WAV to mp3 within minutes, if not seconds. Users can use sites like Setapp to convert the file to an easier format for your Mac i.e. MP3 and then they can just play them on your Mac with any media player on hand.

Setapp Limited is based in Ireland and exists on the market since June 10, 2016. It’s one of the most popular companies that give users access to apps that simplify their usage of Mac devices.

Playing MP4 Files on Mac

WAV might just be what most people struggle with, but there are other formats, too. One of them is MP4, a digital multimedia container format used for storing audio and video content. Playing this is easy thanks to VLC, QuickTime Player, and other media players on the device. But, in case users have a media player that doesn’t support this file, they may need to install an additional codec or go to the ready options and download VLC.

Playing WMA Files on Mac

Do you have a music collection in WMA format, but it won’t play on your Mac? The Windows Media Audio format often causes Mac users headaches. This is a proprietary format by Microsoft. As such, it’s not natively supported on Apple devices.

There’s a solution to this, though. Users can use a third-party media player like the following to easily play these files on their device:

  • Flip4Mac
  • VLC
  • Elmedia Player

Alternatively, they can use a file converter and turn your WMA file to a more common format like MP3, which as they already know, can be played on any media player on Mac.

Playing FLV Files on Your Mac

Lastly, users might have a FLV file i.e. Flash Video. This format was originally developed by Adobe. It’s used to store and deliver video content from one source to another.

Once again, they can play this file using players like VLC, or they can use a file converter to turn it into MOV or MP3.

Wrapping Up

As user can see, the most difficult file to convert today is WAV because it cannot be played with the commonly used media players on Mac. However, this is made simple with the right tool. For most files that you need to open on their device but can’t, a convertor is the fast and easy move. It takes up to a few minutes to fix any issue, and they don’t have to download additional software to open unsupported file types on the device. If user do have media players that support these types, make sure to keep them updated to their latest version.

Setapp’s Play Different File Types on Mac feature is now available to all Setapp subscribers. To learn more about Setapp and its offerings, visit https://setapp.com.

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