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Sanjit Bhattacharya: Developing Commercial Properties as Passive Income

Sanjit Bhattacharya has helped many people invest in real estate using intelligent and careful approaches over the years. For instance, developing properties into passive income sources is a fantastic way of improving an investor’s overall operation. Thankfully, there are many ways to approach this process and get high-quality properties at reasonable prices.

Top Tips for Generating Passive Real Estate Income

Commercial real estate can seem daunting to many buyers. There are many factors and legal elements to consider that even buying it can seem unwise or unsafe. However, there are many unique steps that investors can take to turn their property into passive income. For instance, developing massive commercial properties can provide a steady rental value.

Imagine owning a building that holds 12 different businesses in it. Each of these companies must pay your rent every month to work there. The rental should be more than enough to cover your mortgage and make you a steady income. For example, if your mortgage is $12,000 per month, you can charge these firms $2,000 per month to make $24,000, covering your mortgage and having extra cash.

Then, you can use that extra money to invest in other properties or in upgrading what you already own. Sanjit Bhattacharya suggests continually enhancing your properties to boost their value and intrigue more buyers. For example, if you add comfort amenities for $5,000, you can increase your rent cost enough to not only cover it but bring in passive income as well.

The goal with passive income is to ensure you do little or nothing to earn it. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply buy a property and let it degrade. Instead, you need to have teams that manage it, including on-site repair crews. These professionals can ensure that your properties remain attractive and continually draw in renters from all sorts of markets.

Note that there are several other ways that you can continually make money with commercial properties. For example, Sanjit Bhattacharya notes exchange-traded funds, hard money lending to property renters, and mutual funds. These unique options basically let other people invest in your property in various ways and bring you regular payments.

Take mutual funds as one simple example. You can use these funds to invest in real estate and continually make money off of the property. These funds will make money distinct from your rental and mortgage costs. That’s a huge benefit because you don’t have to increase your rent prices but will continually make more money. Continually expanding your properties in this way is critical, as more rental options mean a higher passive income source.

Intelligent investors will also continually develop their properties by adding new services. Improving your buildings and making them more attractive to renters can increase your income. That’s because you can charge higher rent in nicer facilities that not only covers your mortgage but makes you more than enough passive cash to further your investments.