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Perk Alert: Nomad Internet Launches Members-Only Prime Store

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service to its customer base, Nomad Internet has rolled out a new, members-only platform called the Nomad Prime Store. There, existing customers will get exclusive access to everything from plan upgrades and service enhancements to advanced internet products, limited edition items, and even the opportunity to enjoy free internet coverage for life! Here’s how to get the most out of the Prime Store—and your Nomad Internet Service!

Step Inside the Nomad Prime Store

Since its inception in 2017, Nomad Internet has stood out from the crowd of ISPs by providing fast and reliable connections to residents of rural communities and RV parks all across America. Already, that was cause for celebration. But, more recently, the service providerhas boosted its customer service offerings by partnering with ISP Supplies to offer same-day shipping on all Nomad Internet orders. It’s also slashed support response time to four hours for emails and social media requests, and to three minutes for call-in requests.

And now? With the launch of the Nomad Prime Store, existing customers can go online to this members’ only platform, where they can easily explore four categories of unique Nomad Products: the chance to score free internet for life (more on that in a moment); a Nomad speed boost; early access to the most advanced internet technologies before they hit the general market; and limited-edition products.

In announcing the hub’s launch, Nomad Internet CEO Robyn Weber said, “The Nomad Prime Store is designed with our valued members in mind. It’s a platform where they can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits and earn rewards.” And with this development—as with all Nomad roll-outs, “Our goal is to elevate our members’ internet experience, while also bringing them into the heart of our innovation process with our Early Access Products,” TK said.

Earned Privileges

Another unique feature of the Nomad Prime Store? Instead of shopping with their own hard-earned cash, customers will complete all transactions using Nomad Prime Points, adigital currency they can exclusively earn through their own activity and referrals.

Of course, members will be excited about boosting their internet speeds. But how can they buy the Prime Store’s premier offering, free internet for life? It’s actually simpler than you’d imagine—just refer five new Nomad Internet customers, and a lifetime of free internet is yours for the taking!

Don’t have enough currency to put your ISP bill in the rearview mirror? Not to worry: you can also purchase a Nomad Speed Boost, gaining access to speed enhancements not available to the general public. (For now, that means speeds of over 400 Mbps. But later this year, Nomad is planning to push those limits to 1,000 Mbps.)

Looking for other shopping options? Some of the early-access, limited-edition products hitting the hub include the Nomad Titan, slated to be the world’s most powerful mobile modem.Other exciting rollouts are certain to follow, because as Robyn Weber says, “With the launch of the Nomad Prime Store, we are excited to empower our members with the best wireless and internet technologies on the planet, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.” And, since

Nomad Internet is already a leading provider of cutting-edge internet services, all the offerings coming down the pipeline are sure to redefine the internet experience—both in rural settings, and beyond.

Learn more about Nomad Internet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWFzw-bfA5Y