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Peercoin Developers Release Version 0.13 and Offer Insights into Future Upgrades

THE HAGUE, Netherlands and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 18, 2024 — Developers sponsored by the Peercoin Foundation this week announced the release of Peercoin v0.13 (Codename Anisoptera) and offered insight into proposals for future upgrades.

As per tradition, the Peercoin releases follow the tick-tock release schedule. v0.13 is the “tick” release, which brings about a fresh codebase and sets the stage for the upcoming “tock” v0.14 release.

Plans for the release of v0.14, which will be a hard fork, are currently being drafted through the RFC process which is notably open and transparent.  Any interested party is welcome to submit their proposals for improvements to the Peercoin protocol, thereby fostering a collaborative and inclusive development environment. 

Proposed Protocol Upgrades

RFC-0028 – Optimal Stake Split and Combine: This proposal would make the Peercoin wallet smarter so it automatically helps stakers achieve the highest potential reward when continuously staking.

RFC-0030 – PoW ASERT: To address dramatic fluctuations in hashpower and to mitigate unexpected PoW inflation, Peercoin developers have proposed that Peercoin’s Proof-of-Work protocol adopt ASERT, a protocol engineered by Bitcoin Cash developers. This shift to a more responsive difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) ensures Peercoin’s PoW protocol can swiftly adapt to hash power changes throughout the day, enhancing the network’s stability and efficiency.

Improved Network Parameters: Another improvement to Peercoin being considered for the RFC process is a set of adjustments to Peercoin’s staking logic. From the perspective of users, it would cut the block time target in half from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. It would reduce the stake maturation period from 30 days to 21 days so that users can begin staking earlier. It would greatly favor smaller UTXOs for staking — about 50 PPC in size — making it easier for smaller stakers to participate in the consensus process. Consequently, it would substantially increase staking rewards when the security level is relatively low to further incentivize staking when it is most required. Overall, these changes will make Peercoin faster, fairer, more rewarding and more secure.

“The release of Peercoin v0.13 and the proposed upgrades for Peercoin v0.14 towards greater network security validate our decision to execute our blockchain initiatives on Peercoin,” said Wing Yu, CEO of PRConnect, a leading content syndication solutions provider that cryptographically hashes press releases and now posts up to 1,000 transactions a day on Peercoin.

About Peercoin

Peercoin is the original Proof-of-Stake blockchain. It is an 11 year old, fairly distributed, open-source, and community-driven project. Peercoin is designed around the concepts of energy and economical sustainability, both made possible by its innovation of Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Peercoin is a peer-to-peer protocol in the truest sense because all coin owners have the power to run a full node, produce blocks, and earn peercoin as a reward. Proof-of-stake is used for Peercoin’s blockchain security, while proof-of-work is only used to distribute new coins for the purpose of creating a wider and fairer distribution. Peercoin’s Project Leader Peerchemist says:

“Peercoin has the important distinction of having a continuous distribution of new coins, 11 years after its launch in 2012. And Peercoin’s innovation of proof-of-stake, used to maintain chain security, makes it energy efficient and decentralized.”

About Peercoin Foundation

Development of Peercoin v0.13 and other aforementioned projects are sponsored by the Peercoin Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2018 with the mission of promoting and supporting the continued development and overall progression of the Peercoin project.

The Peercoin Foundation is sponsored solely from community donations. Please donate to the Foundation to enable it to help improve the general Peercoin ecosystem.

Official Links:

Website – https://www.peercoin.net/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/PeercoinPPC

Blog – https://www.peercoin.net/blog/

Forum – https://talk.peercoin.net/

Telegram – https://telegram.me/peercoin

Discord – https://discord.gg/m294ReV

Foundation – https://www.peercoin.net/foundation

Contact Information:

Email: foundation@peercoin.net

Disclaimer: The information contained in this press release is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or a solicitation to purchase or invest. The price of Peercoin can be extremely volatile and can fluctuate rapidly in response to market conditions. Before making any investment decisions, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and tolerance for risk.