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On New Year, Hycondo Thasala Organized A Blessing Ceremony with Special Gifts

Hycondo Thasala blessing ceremony and giving a special gift to local residents on this New Year 2023‘s occasion. 

Hylife Developments is led by these top executives in the company: Mr. Shubhodeep Prasanta Das – Group CEO  and Miss Pheereya Wongsaranuchid – Group CMO, 

Mr. Shubhodeep Prasanta Das has distributed the new year 2023 Gifts .

Top leading Condominium Development and Construction Company in Chaing Mai megacity of northern Thailand on the occasion of the new time, the CEO and CMO of the company distributing gifts to their hand’s  workers from Hylife Family, held the design blessing from at Hycondo Thasala for this New Year. The form was held for an auspicious occasion and to celebrate our bottommost success of design 100 vented OUT last time. 

 Hycondo Thasala Phase 1 is finished construction and ready to move by. presently, the guests are moving in for a living, and some are open for Thai and foreign tenants.  Utmost of the investment came into Chaing Mai from Chinese expats.

Also, the company has planned for development in Phase 2. For this new time’s occasion 

 Hylife Developments give a special gift set, a set of Ocean flagon and glass with a flowery pattern to represent the symbol of fresh-cheerful happiness to our Hycondo’s dwellers in lieu of appreciation for their support and cooperation.