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Mokaram Law Firm Illuminates the Role of Police Reports in Car Accident Claims

Houston, Texas, United States, November 9, 2023 – Whenever there occurs an accident, it is observed that the consequences are quite chaotic and are not very easy to deal with. The results usually come with a lot of stress, and a lot of people do not know what to do after that. However, one thing that most of us know is reporting to the police.

It is something that almost every single person does. So, the importance of the police report is not very little and should be taken very seriously. Also, the emotions and the adrenaline that come after the accident can also impact your behavior at the time of the accident, so it is important to involve the police.

A car accident lawyer in Houston tx can help you understand the complexities of the case when the police are involved.

Information in Police Reports

Some of the basic information that is included in the police reports include:

The Basic Information

Some of the basic information that is included in the police report is:

  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • The information of involved parties, like the names, contact numbers, and driver’s license numbers of each
  • The information regarding vehicles includes vehicle numbers, make, model, and variant.
  • Insurance details of the parties involved.

The Description of the Accident

  • A narrative way of explaining the accident comes under the description of the accident. This can even be in the form of drawings.
  • Any factors that contribute to the accidents are also included here.
  • Some statements from the driver and the witnesses must be added to the description of the accident.

Damage and Injury Occured

The police report notes down the damages that have been done to the parties involved in the accident. The nature of the accident and the injuries is mentioned and noted down properly, adding small details as well.

It is also made sure to mention if the patients or the victims were taken to the hospital due to their medical treatment.

Witness Statements

If seen closely, one of the very important things included in the police report is the statements of the witnesses of the accidents. These help a lot later in fighting the cases. Just like the other parties, the number and the details of the witnesses are also noted down.

The Take of the Officers

In the end, the conclusion includes the take of the police officer. It includes the opinions of the police officer, what he thinks of the accident, and who was at fault in his opinion. They can also write about anything additional that they felt or noticed at the site of the accident.

Police Reports and Legal Proceedings

The police reports are often times used in the courts to back up a number of cases. This assessment could be used as evidence in court proceedings. For example, personal injury litigation and to back up the claims of a client or reject those made by an at-fault party.

In a number of cases, the statements given by the offices are later used in making a decision by the experts.

Importance of Police Reports

When it comes to police reports, they hold a very important place in the cases of car accidents.


There is a very unbiased kind of take that comes from the police, as akl the report is based on the proper evidence collected from the scene of the accident. So, there is no bias and no changes involved in the reports that are presented by the police.

Officers usually are a third party that takes part in the case, so their take is for sure has no biases.

Fault Determination

In a lot of cases, an inspection of who was at fault for the accident is included in the police report. The proof and statements recovered at the scene must be taken into account in this judgment. In order to assign accountability, insurance companies and courts often depend on such an assessment.

Simplification of Claims

Whenever it comes to filing a claim for insurance, the police report does matter as it adds to the streamlining of the process. These reports provide a very precise and concise account of the accident. This can help the insurance adjusters assess the liability more effectively and determine the amount of compensation that is deserved by the party.


The police reports do play a very important role when it comes to accident cases. They do play a role just like the other entities involved in the accident. These hold a lot of information that is very useful and unbiased and can help maneuver through cases with much more logic and justice. So, make sure to inform the police whenever you get into an accident so that your case is taken care of by experts.


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