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Lever Global Offers Innovative Solutions to Assist Borrowers as U.S. Department of Education Resumes Interest on Student Loans

Los Angeles, CA – Lever Global Corp (OTCQB: LVER) announces the release of Lever App, a beacon of hope, on the heels of the U.S. Department of Education announcement that forbearance will end and interest payments on student loans will resume beginning September 1st. This pivotal change will impact approximately 43 million Americans burdened with student loan debt, cumulatively amounting to approximately $1.75 trillion. As borrowers brace themselves for significant repayments, Lever Global Corps’ Lever App, promises an average savings of $240 for its users.

Lever Global, a leader in financial innovation, is committed to revolutionizing the way borrowers manage their loans. With a focus on long-term user experiences in saving, spending, and investing, Lever’s suite of products is designed to provide unparalleled assistance in the financial domain.

One standout feature that distinguishes Lever is its ability to directly connect its application with the Department of Education (DOE) resources and databases. This connectivity ensures that borrowers are presented with the most up-to-date and suitable federally backed loans repayment programs. By scanning hundreds of Department of Education offerings, Lever identifies the optimal repayment solution tailored to individuals based on their goals and eligibility.

Moreover, for the 65% of borrowers whose loans have transitioned to new servicers, Lever provides an instant solution with “Find My Servicer”. Using Lever’s platform, borrowers can effortlessly locate their new servicers, eliminating the time consuming and often frustrating hassles and uncertainties associated with such transitions.

The resumption of student loans is set to impact millions, with an estimated $5 billion in interest to be paid each month by consumers, further straining family budgets and discretionary spending. At just the right time, Lever comes forward as a guiding light for many worried borrowers.

Trent McKendrick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lever Global, commented on the situation, “The resumption of student loan repayment comes at a time when the Biden administration has not allocated any budget to servicers for this transition. With over 40 million borrowers seeking advice, many will find it exceedingly challenging to reach their servicers due to the sheer volume of inquiries. This is where Lever steps in, offering a solution that circumvents the need to directly communicate with a servicer. Our platform provides immediate, actionable information and access to any changes that occurred over the last three years, as well as insights to borrowers, ensuring they’re equipped with the best repayment strategies.”

McKendrick further added, “The financial strain on consumers is evident. Not only are they grappling with the resumption of interest payments, which will take a significant chunk out of family budgets, but this comes on top of the already reported $100 billion reduction in consumer spending this year. At a time when credit card debt is at an all-time high, it’s essential for borrowers to have access to tools and resources that empower them to make informed decisions, and Lever is committed to being that resource.”

Lever’s platform, backed by advanced AI technology, offers a range of features designed to assist borrowers in navigating the complexities of loan management. From AI-driven financial insights that analyze spending patterns to centralized financial overviews and adaptable repayment plans, Lever ensures that borrowers are well-equipped to handle the challenges ahead.

Benefits of Lever’s Platform:

AI-Driven Financial Insights: Lever’s advanced AI technology analyzes a user’s spending patterns, identifying potential areas of savings and offering recommendations to reduce the costs of credit products. This feature ensures that users not only manage their debts but also optimize their financial behaviors for long-term benefits.

No More Overpayments: Lever ensures that overpaying loans is a relic of the past. Borrowers can now craft a repayment plan that seamlessly integrates with their lifestyle.

Centralized Financial Overview: Lever’s platform provides a consolidated view of all financial liabilities, calculating monthly payments and sending timely reminders to ensure punctual settlements.

Adaptable Repayment Plans: Life’s unpredictability shouldn’t affect financial stability. Lever offers the flexibility to adapt, allowing users to pause, switch, or enroll in plans that resonate with their evolving circumstances.

Empowered Repayment Choices: With Lever, borrowers reclaim control. They can determine payment amounts and frequencies, ensuring that repayment strategies align with their best interests, rather than those of lenders.

In an era where financial complexities often leave consumers feeling overwhelmed, Lever stands out as a comprehensive solution. It’s time to regain control of your financial narrative. Choose Lever and control your financial journey with confidence.

About Lever:

Lever Global Corp (OTCQB:LVER) is a cutting-edge financial platform dedicated to assisting borrowers in navigating the complexities of loan management. With a suite of innovative tools and a user-centric approach, Lever is redefining the future of financial management. For more information, visit https://lever.app.

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