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Kiosks from Nomad Internet Deliver High-Speed Connections on the Road

Texas, USA, July 21, 2023 – There’s no reason to miss important information while you’re on the go, thanks to a new service from Nomad Internet that allows travelers, campers, and others to rent time on a high-speed wireless network.

Distributed through new Nomad Air Rental Kiosks strategically located in RV parks, travel center, and other areas that cater to outdoor enthusiasts, the high-speed offerings are designed to make internet access easy and convenient for people on the move.

“We’re excited to be able to provide a new way to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Jessica Garza, co-founder of Nomad Internet. “We know that sometimes, you just need to be online. Whether that’s communicating with a loved one, paying a bill, or booking a flight, so much of modern life happens on the internet. We believe our new Nomad Air Rental Kiosks will allow people to stay connected without forcing them into a long-term contract.”

The self-serve kiosks are designed around the end user’s experience. They feature an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to rent time on the network. Users choose the time they need, which can range anywhere from a single hour to an entire week on the Nomad Internet platform.

After selecting the amount of time to rent, users complete their transactions by swiping a credit card or using Apple Pay. Once time is rented, users will be authorized to connect to Nomad Internet’s high-speed platform through their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or other internet-enabled device.

The kiosks represent a new venture for the company, which has traditionally worked in the rural internet space. After launching in 2017, Nomad Internet has consistently expanded its coverage to more people living far outside city centers.

“The internet is a great tool that has benefits for everyone, no matter where they live or travel,” Garza said. “We’ve been dedicated to bridging the gap between urban and rural internet access, and now we’re proud to offer a low-cost, convenient way for everyone to stay connected while they travel and enjoy this great country of ours.”

The rental service is designed to service people who lack reliably out-of-home internet, she added. It can reduce the frustrations of vacationers, who are hoping to catch up on the day’s news after a full day in the RV, as well as keep campers safe by allowing them access to the latest weather news and alerts when they’re deep in the wilderness.

“Our cell phones go everywhere with us, but the internet doesn’t,” Garza said. “There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling out your phone only the realize that you can’t get online. This service stops that. You can be assured of getting online even when you’re far away from your home.”

By connecting to Nomad Internet’s network, consumers will benefit from lightning-fast internet speeds that rival in-home connections. The wireless network has enough power to enable streaming video and downloads. Designed specifically for people on the go, the new service is a strictly pay-as-you-go operation. No long-term contracts are available to rent from the kiosks.


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