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Jordan Bown is Utilizing and Taking Advantage of TikTok Ads To Scale His Businesses

Jordan Bown started out as a high school graduate who knew that the traditional role of a corporate job wouldn’t be for him. Instead he began to educate himself on topics like e-commerce and marketing to break free from the rat-race.

Subjects in school were hard for him to pay attention to but when he found something he really liked, he excelled at learning about it. Marketing provided Bown the outlet he needed to succeed without necessarily holding him down to a specific job or forcing him to answer to those he worked with.

Jordan is a versatile marketing expert that uses multiple platforms to reach new audiences to sell too. Just recently, Jordan was able to accomplish a lot of his financial goals recently solely off TikTok.

In recent years, TikTok has gained enormous popularity for its quick-fix style of content delivery and ability to become viral overnight. Now, influencers are taking advantage of the trends and access to different audiences, in order to promote products and gain popularity.

Jordan Bown, an entrepreneur and public-figure who became known for his success with dropshipping, has been able to access a variety of different audiences through his expertise in marketing and using platforms like Google and Facebook. Jordan’s success now comes from organic and paid TikTok ads as he believes it has a lot more untapped potential. Without it, he still would’ve been able to make a business for himself but TikTok is what has given him that extra push.

By making videos to promote his brands, such as Void Energy, he can target potential buyers and pitch his products to people all over the world. This worldwide audience is just one of the reasons that TikTok has helped influencers like Jordan been able to generate millions just through TikTok ads.

To learn more about Jordan’s marketing strategy and how to monetize your brands on TikTok then follow Jordan’s Instagram handle @Jordan.Bown.