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HTL Support Is Empowering UK Businesses with Comprehensive IT Solutions

The company provides a complete range of IT solutions and outsourcing services, meeting the needs of various sectors. Through IT support and professional consultancy, they are helping clients make well-informed decisions about their digital infrastructure.

London, England / June 20, 2023, The importance of robust IT infrastructure in modern businesses cannot be overstated. Every aspect of a business, from everyday operations to strategic decision-making, depends on reliable, efficient, and secure IT systems. This reality has — of course — made supporting and maintaining these systems more important than ever, which is a critical need that HTL Support recognized early on.

HTL Support is dedicated to delivering round-the-clock, top-notch IT support that businesses can rely on. Founded in 2009, the company started as a London-based IT service provider specializing in the financial sector. Over the years, the HTL team has grown in experience and expanded its client base, now providing comprehensive IT solutions to a diverse range of clients worldwide.

The team at HTL Support specializes in designing and implementing state-of-the-art, flexible, and integrated IT services, always with a strong emphasis on reliability. They understand the crucial role that digital tools and solutions play in businesses and strive to ensure uninterrupted access for their clients. Making sure the systems can be scaled up or down to meet changes in business demands is also a key concern.

For every project, the goal of the HTL team is to make things easier, rather than more difficult. They work to get the tech challenges out of the way so that businesses can focus on what they do best. As the company’s website puts it: “Let our friendly IT Guys take the hassle out of all your IT support dilemmas so you can get on with running your business.”

HTL Support’s extensive service portfolio is a reflection of its desire to offer total support. Their list of services includes:

– Business VOIP Solutions: HTL Support can implement cost-effective and flexible Voice over Internet Protocol telephony solutions to improve communication within businesses.

– Backup and Disaster Recovery: HTL Support ensures that businesses can continue to operate even in the event of data loss or loss of access to the office. They typically store backups in four different locations for added security.

– Cyber Security: The HTL team provides comprehensive cybersecurity services that not only protect against cyber threats but also ensure business continuity in the event of a successful attack.

– Structured/Network Cabling: HTL Support offers a complete range of structured cabling solutions for tasks of varying complexity. Their certified cabling engineers are equipped to handle installations of CAT6, copper cabling, optical fiber cabling, and more.

Moreover, HTL Support provides clients with the option of having a dedicated IT Support Engineer, available to visit the company’s premises whenever IT issues arise. This can ensure work continuity even when problems can’t be solved via the phone or through other remote support tools.

More information about HTL Support, its history, and its IT support services can be found on its website. The website also features client testimonials and reviews for anyone looking to learn more about the company.

About HTL Support

HTL Support is a provider of comprehensive IT solutions. Established in 2009 and based in London, England, the company serves a broad range of sectors with a strong emphasis on reliability and customer satisfaction. The company offers world-class IT support and consultancy services to businesses around the globe.


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