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How to store your e-bike properly

Owning an e-bike requires careful storage and maintenance to ensure its safety, proper functioning, and prevent theft. Unlike regular bicycles that can be left alone for months, e-bikes demand more attention. Whether you plan to ride it regularly or only seasonally, here are essential tips for correctly storing your e-bike.

Choose a Cool, Dry Location: E-bikes’ electrical components are sensitive to extreme temperatures and high moisture levels. Store your bike in a closed shed or garage with temperatures between 32°F and 70°F and low humidity. Avoid basements with high humidity or condensation from HVAC systems. Clean your e-bike before storage, removing dirt and grime from the frame and tires. Ensure the battery contacts are clean and dry to prevent corrosion.

Remove and Store the Battery Separately: Batteries are susceptible to corrosion due to temperature fluctuations and condensation. Remove the battery, clean the contacts with an electrical contact cleaner, apply a thin layer of terminal grease, and use a protective cover. Store the battery at temperatures above 32°F. If in a cold region, use a neoprene battery cover as an insulator. Store the battery separately in a hidden location away from the bike. Keep it in a cool, dry place but allow it to warm up to room temperature before charging. For optimal battery health, maintain a charge between 30% and 80% and occasionally recharge during long periods of non-use.

Guard Against Theft: Implement additional security measures, irrespective of whether your e-bike has an anti-theft system. Secure your shed or garage with a weatherproof padlock and hinge protectors on the door. Invest in a ground anchor, wall anchor, or indoor bike storage unit. Attach your e-bike with a secure lock and chain. In basements, fasten it to an immovable object like a furnace or plumbing fixture. Indoor storage in your house can utilize an indoor bike storage stand for stability.

Properly storing your e-bike is crucial for its maintenance, readiness, and protection against theft. Following these guidelines will ensure a hassle-free experience when you’re ready to ride again!


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