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How To Play Games With OP Auto Clicker

Playing games is what makes us all relaxed and happy in our current busy lives. All games are not simple to play because every game will have its own difficulty level. And it requires a lot of commitment and dedication to learn the game and win the levels. What If I say that you don’t have to learn all the games that you want to play but still you can win?. Yes, you can do that with the help of some auto clicker tools.

Auto clickers are really a great advantage for us to play games and do some specific data entry kind of tasks easily. Actually, they are widely used by gamers only. Let’s see how you can also make use of an auto clicker called as OP Auto Clicker to play games effortlessly.

Is It Really Easy To Play Games With An Auto Clicker?

Of course! It’s easy to use the auto clicker and play games by using it. But the ease is applicable only for certain games because some games won’t allow the usage of auto clickers.

Let’s say that you want to play a roblox game, you can use the op auto clicker and play all the roblox games. Not only roblox, you can also play minecraft games, cookie clicker games and a lot more.

All you need is to set up the auto clicker to function according to your needs. Things such as click types, click interval and click duration should be configured first. On the other hand, you need to select the target where your clicks should go, before you start using the auto clicker in the game.

Okay, let’s download the auto clicker software now and then, you can set it up and play games.

Download OP Auto Clicker Latest Version (Windows & Mac) Devices

OP Auto Clicker is a wonderful auto clicker and one of the most famous and best auto clickers till date. It offers a lot of amazing features for free of cost and the users don’t have to pay any money for using it. Best part is it is available for windows and mac devices as well. Okay, let’s download it from its official website and you can then set up the tool to work for you in playing games.

We have shared the official site where you can readily download the latest version of the software. On the other hand, the files that we have shared are completely safe and trusted. So, don’t worry about the safety of your system (PC).

How To Play Games By Using The OP Auto Clicker?

Make sure that you have downloaded the software on your windows or macbook.

  • Go to the download location on your pc (Desktop or Downloads folder, etc).
  • Double click the op auto clicker app to open it and view the app’s interface.
  • The app will open up directly without having to install it on your windows pc. Mac users have to install it. You can visit the official site https://opautoclicker.onl/ website to learn the process of installing it on your macbook.
  • Once it is ready to use, launch it and enter the click interval that you want to have.
  • Click Options have Mouse Button option and Click Type option. So, you can choose either Left, Right or Middle mouse button for mouse button type. On the other hand, you may select the Single Click or Double Click for the click type.
  • Click Repeat has two options such as Repeat for a specific number of times and Repeat until stopped.
  • Pick the click location so that you will be able to place clicks at that particular location while playing games.
  • Once you are ready with the settings, launch the Roblox game using your web browser.
  • If everything is ready, press the shortcut key “Fn + F6” key to start the auto clicker.

Once the gameplay is done, you can press the same hotkey to stop the op auto clicker from clicking. That’s it! This is how you can actually play any other game.