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How to Make a Pop-up Christmas Cards?

Do you want your message to stand out? In this situation, 3D pop up Christmas cards are useful. Pop-up cards are wonderful for any occasion and can help your present and message stand out from the crowd. Even better, making them is shockingly easy. Check Boomf to get amazing sets of cards.

We’ll walk you through the process of making a pop-up card in just six easy steps and give themed printable to inspire your imagination. You can create an impressive card in about ten minutes.

Steps to create a card

Here comes the steps to create a pop-up-card:

1. A piece of cardstock or construction paper should be folded in half. Before folding, cut the paper to the desired size if you want to create a smaller card.

2. Make slits in the card’s middle. Cut two 1.5 inch slits with the folded side facing you. Your pop-up art will be attached to a tab formed by the paper in between each cut. Depending on the type of art you select, tabs can be either wide or narrow. If you want to put pop-up art down the width of your card, create several tabs.

3. Fold tabs inward after opening the card. Each tab should have a centre crease. Now they ought to be within the card.

4. Your pop-up art can be printed or drawn. You can either print the images we’ve provided or draw your own to put on each tab. Use a glue stick to attach the pop-up artwork to each tab after cutting it out.

5. Half-fold the second sheet of paper. The exterior of your last card will look like this. Attach the first piece of paper’s outside with glue. The tab cutouts will be hidden when the first piece of paper is placed inside the second piece of paper and pressed together.

6. Give your pop-up card some decoration and add a message. Glitter, stamps, or a humorous message might help you give your pop-up card the finishing touch it needs.

Let’s get started making a pop-up card now that you know how to do it! If drawing isn’t your strong suit but you still want to make an impactful pop-up card, use these printables as a design template and then add your own unique touches using markers, glitter, and other embellishments.

Card for Pet

Who doesn’t adore a cute puppy or kitten? With this puppy pop up card, you can give the animal lover in your life an additional dose of sweetness. If you customise it to resemble one of their dogs, you’ll definitely win extra points!

1. Compared to the others, this pop-up card is a little unique. You will fold each piece along the black dotted lines rather than making slits in the construction paper.

2. The feet should be glued to the bottom of the card, and the tail side should be adhered to the back.

3. On one side of the rectangle, glue the folded white piece. Overlap the back legs of the card as you attach to the back side.

4. The front feet should be attached to the bottom of the card, and the front legs should be glued to the other side of the rectangle.

5. Your puppy or kitten card is finished once you glue on the head.

These decorations are guaranteed to be helpful if your card needs a few extra components to elevate it. Word bubbles, banners, and other designs are supplied to embellish the front and interior of your card. Therefore, choose the best guide to create the top 3D pop up Christmas cards. To know more about the cards check online.