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From Grease to Greatness: Magnesol Products Await You

Filtering your oil in your commercial deep fryer once a day with Magnesol can increase its shelf life by as much as 50 percent, which is great for your business. In addition, when you purge your deep fryer oil of any water, food debris, or salts, the food will always taste excellent and look crisp and delicious.

Understanding how Magnesol Powder works

Before you decide to throw out your frying oil from your restaurant or commercial deep fryer, filter it with Magnesol Filter Powder. This fryer filter powder outperforms all expectations. The best part is that you can reliably serve your customers delicious fried items that have a crisp exterior and a juicy interior.

When filtering oil for cooking in commercial fryers, Magnesol products for sale can be added. Like a magnet, it draws in bits of food crumbs and the dissolved flavours and odours that cause fried meals to go bad.

Using Magnesol filter powder on a regular basis to filter your fryer oil will have a positive impact on your bottom line by allowing you to get more use out of your oil and produce consistently high-quality deep-fried food.

Magnesol is effective for cleaning oil of both food debris and liquid surfactants/soaps. These contaminants are the root cause of unpleasant aromas and tastes, as well as greasiness, discolouration, and inconsistency in cooking.

Why Magnesol products matter in the food industry

Since clean fry or cooking oil is crucial to upholding quality standards, Magnesol products for sale are important in today’s food industry. When the same oil is used for frying over and over again, it undergoes chemical and physical changes that can threaten the food’s flavour and safety.

Due to the accumulation of food particles, pollutants, and degradation byproducts in the oil, the meal may take on an unpleasant taste, become less crisp, and have a lower overall quality.

Toxic chemicals like acrylamide or trans fats may be found in contaminated foods, posing a threat to consumers.

By keeping the oil clean and free of contaminants, businesses can ensure the taste, texture, and safety of fried foods. Regular oil cleaning not only extends the life of the oil, but also reduces waste and saves money by preventing the need for frequent oil replacement.

Some popular Magnesol products

Magnesol Filter Pad Envelope

Magnesol Filter Pads are a magnetic mineral used to cleanse cooking oil; they are a non-woven filtration medium. Designed for use in Lowboy Filter machines and other oil filtration systems, each pad has a surface size of 15.50 square inches.

The pad acts as a filter, collecting any dirt or particles from the oil as it flows over it. Magnesol’s ability to purify oil and eliminate impurities has been demonstrated to be superior to that of conventional filtration media.

Magnesol Fryer Oil Filter Powder

Magnesol can be used every day to remove lingering, disagreeable odours and flavours from oil. Magnesol can extend the life of fry oil by 50%, allowing you to save each year on oil.  Simply sprinkle Magnesol onto filter paper or a filter screen attached to a filtering equipment.

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