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EdrawMax — Your Best Choice For UML Diagram Making

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A unified modeling language diagram or a UML diagram is functionally based on the unified modeling language. The core purpose of creating a detailed UML diagram is to visually break down an entire system into actors, their roles, classes, and actions. By creating a segmentation in the overall system, project managers understand the system much more deeply. This improves productivity when it comes to altering or maintaining the documentation about the system.

Since UML is a visual language, it won’t be wrong to say that a UML diagram works like a blueprint used in other programming and development fields.

UML diagrams are divided into two types:

  • Structure Diagrams:
    • Class Diagram
    • Component Diagram
    • Deployment Diagram
    • Object Diagram
    • Package Diagram
  • Behavioral Diagrams:
    • Use Case Diagram
    • Activity Diagram
    • State Machine Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • Communication Diagram

As you can see, there are 10+ UML diagram types, and to understand and create them, a project manager or a student needs access to the software. With the help of UML diagram software, it becomes easy to create multiple actors and their subsequent roles and actions.

What is EdrawMax?

EdrawMax is a powerful diagramming tool that offers various UML diagramming tools. This all-in-one diagramming tool comes with free templates, symbols, online resources, and a template community, which helps beginners to get started with complicated UML diagrams. Unlike other diagramming tools, EdrawMax is completely free to use, which makes it the best UML diagram software in the market. With the help of this software, one can either create a UML diagram from scratch or get inspired from 1,500+ user-generated templates. This tool also comes with a paid version that offers additional features that we discussed in the subsequent sections.

Key Features of EdrawMax

Some of the most distinctive features of EdrawMax that make it one-of-a-kind UML diagram software are as follows:

  • All-in-one Diagram Software: In other diagramming tools, you depend on third-party add-ons or third-party integrations to perform specific functions. However, that’s not the case with EdrawMax. Registered users can quickly create, share, and present 280+ diagrams. In this all-in-one diagram software, you can create network diagrams, science diagrams, building plans, infographics, business reports, and more. What is more amazing here is that you are not dependent on any other tool to avail of certain features. This powerful diagramming tool allows you to collaborate with your remote team, avail free templates, export the file in multiple formats, create hundreds of diagrams, get unlimited canvas boards, and more.

  • Enterprise-Scale Security: EdrawMax understands the need for security regarding designs and private files. That is why you will find an encryption feature on the canvas board. By using this feature, you can easily encrypt your file, which can then only be opened if you enter the correct password. Additionally, we use the highest level of SSL certification to store your designs and files in private cloud storage. It ensures that all of your UML diagrams and other important designs are stored with enterprise-scale security.

  • Templates: One of the most prominent features of EdrawMax is its templates. The tool comes with the ability to make 280+ diagrams, and there are 1,500+ pre-built templates. Additionally, at the template community, the same number goes up to five digits. Those user-generated templates provide an insight into what others are creating and how you can be inspired by those designs to create your own design. In EdrawMax, you can also save your Private Template for future usage, which remains private until and unless you make it public and share it with the template community members.

  • Online Collaboration: Recently, the demand for online collaboration tools has increased three-fold, and most companies are opting for tools that let them create virtual teams and brainstorm ideas. EdrawMax Online offers an online collaboration feature that lets you create virtual teams, invite other team members, and get on remote sessions when necessary. Since the highest level of SSL certification protects the web version, you can securely discuss and design any diagrams you deem required.

  • Export Option: EdrawMax lets you export the files in multiple formats. Using the premium version of this UML diagram software, you can easily export the files in PDF, HTML, VSDX, JPG, SVG, PNG, and other Office formats, like MS Word, Excel, and PPTX. The export options are not limited to a handful of formats; you can export any diagram in more than 15 formats, enabling a great way to collaborate with your team members. You can even share the exported files to different social media platforms or attach the embedded codes to your website.

Free UML Diagram Software

As you saw from the key feature section, EdrawMax is the best UML diagram software for beginners and professionals. This UML diagram software comes in two versions, free and pro. The free version of this UML diagram software offers a wide range of options, but if you like to access templates, export files in high-definition, and get on remote collaboration, we suggest checking out the paid version of this tool.

Some of the most prominent features of EdrawMax’s pro-version are:

  • With a built-in security feature, you can encrypt all the diagrams.
  • With the paid version, you can easily capture the screen.
  • You or your team members can easily access the entire version history of any diagram.
  • The paid version of EdrawMax lets you import and export files in Microsoft Visio’s VSDX format.
  • If you opt for a lifetime plan, you get 10 GB of cloud storage that you can use to store your designs.

Final Thoughts

As you saw in this elaborated guide to understand the importance of having UML diagram software, UML diagrams are very important for organizations that tend to visualize the entire process before actually beginning the development process. Sometimes, with too many classes and objects within the UML diagram, it becomes complicated to create a UML diagram. In those scenarios, we recommend EdrawMax. The 2D diagramming tool is a powerful UML diagram software that offers astounding features at a very affordable rate. You can check out EdrawMax from their official website and avail of the 7-day trial plan to access the unlimited diagram types and templates.