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Custom Advantage Marketing Announces Vita Kawashima Achieves Retargeting Traffic Certification, Achievement of Excellence

West Bloomfield , MI, 8/7/2023, Evertise AI PR, Custom Advantage Marketing led by Vita Kawashima has been certified in recognition of outstanding knowledge and expertise in the marketing discipline of “Retargeting.””Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing tool. It helps businesses reconnect with potential customers who have visited their website previously, but might not have made an immediate purchase or inquiry,” said Vita Kawashima at Custom Advantage Marketing. “Through strategic ad placement across many important websites, and apps like CNN, The Weather Channel, ESPN, local news sites, and games. We can subtly remind these visitors of the products or services they were interested in, encouraging them to return to the client’s website.”
“Retargeting is more than just a way of keeping your business in the minds of potential customers,” continued the spokesperson. “It’s a strategy that offers businesses a second chance at converting a visitor into a customer. We are excited to bring this capability to our clients at a more affordable price than Google AdWords and help them achieve even greater success.”

More information about Vita Kawashima’s certification can be found at https://certified.retargetingspecialist.com/p/NTE0

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With years of expertise in everything from boosting traffic, premium video content, brand and reputation management and marketing, social media, email marketing and sales funnels, this unique approach to marketing can make a profound difference for any company in as little as a few days or weeks. This industry-leading expertise adds a new dimension to the portfolio of solutions that Custom Advantage Marketing brings to its clients.
Over the years, Custom Advantage Marketing has helped numerous local businesses grow their brand and reputation with their vast array of marketing strategies.
These strategies not only help a business find new clients but also to engage them effectively, ensure brand recognition and secure their loyalty. This Retargeting Certification ensures the firm is using the most up to date digital marketing methods and can implement the most effective, economical and efficient strategies for its clients. It can be used with Google Ads to maximize a business’ ad spend.

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