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Crypto Exchange KoinBX Moves to Top 100 on CMC

Dubai, UAE, October 6, 2023 – KoinBX, India’s most trusted and fastest growing exchange, takes a lead in the crypto ecosystem. The exchange has not only solidified its position as the most trusted crypto platform but has also ascended into the coveted top 100 crypto exchanges list on CoinMarketCap, a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence in the crypto space.

Over the past four years, KoinBX has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a promising startup into a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange. This journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to security, transparency, and user-centricity, distinguishing KoinBX from its peers in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

With a user base exceeding 1.5 million individuals and a robust portfolio of over 120 listed cryptocurrencies. This significant growth reflects the trust and confidence that the crypto community has placed in KoinBX as its go-to platform for trading and investing in India.

KoinBX team is actively partnering with various communities to boost crypto adoption, and  ensure a secure ecosystem. Exciting new developments are in the pipeline, poised to elevate the user experience and expand the most trusted and fastest growing crypto exchange’s global footprint.

About KoinBX

KoinBX is India’s most trusted and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange, committed to empowering individuals to explore, invest, and prosper in the digital asset realm. Renowned for its steadfast commitment to transparency, user-centricity, and a profound passion for blockchain technology, KoinBX has emerged as the preferred platform for cryptocurrency trading for global users.

Contact Details:

Name: Saravanan Pandian

Founder & CEO at KoinBX

Company: KoinBX

Website: https://koinbx.com/

Email: listing@koinbx.com

Address: Dubai, UAE