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Collectability – Facilitating Collectors by Providing Valuable Information Regarding Vintage Watches

Rarely do we pause and consider the potential impact that watchmaking might have on the political, social, economic, and even environmental developments, as if watchmaking was a completely different realm, similar to a sterile hydroponic system with no impact on the development of global affairs. It is obvious that the economic contribution of watchmaking to the global economy is minimal, if not nonexistent. However, its soft power and influence significantly outweigh its little economic impact. The watch industry acts as a powerful communicator, by conveying images that influence dreams and aspirations of entire populations around the globe.

Over the past 20 years, the watchmaking industry has experienced spectacular growth. The watch business has served as the icing on the cake, portraying an image of luxury, exclusivity, leisure, and rarity while promoting a hedonistic dolce vita that is completely out of reach for the vast majority of people on the planet. If we observe closely, we can figure out that the watches that generate the most buzz are typically those that are vintage, very intricate and bejeweled.

The enjoyment and pure joy that we derive from owning and wearing a vintage watch is the biggest and most important reason to purchase one. There is a distinct history, personality, and story behind each vintage watch out there. The fact that vintage watches were once made by hand using high-quality materials is one of the very reasons, we love owning them. The majority of vintage watches have mechanical and extremely precise movements in addition to being entirely handcrafted and therefore have a much better chance of holding up over time than their more recent, machine-made counterparts.

Vintage Watches are the pinnacle of luxury craftsmanship and complexity. They are both a tool and an accessory because of the sophistication of their horological mechanisms and their expertly crafted exteriors. Wearing a vintage watch takes you back in time. A timepiece from a bygone era tells a story and inspires fantasies about the innumerable occurrences that have occurred during its lifetime. One company that provides valuable information about vintage watches and has made them more accessible to customers through their online retail platform is the New-Jersey based company, Collectability.

Collectability was founded by a horological historian, John Reardon in 2019. The company is popularly known for facilitating watch collectors in buying and selling the Swiss vintage and luxury watches of Patek Philippe. In a short span of time, Collectability has cemented its place in the extremely competitive market under the supervision of John Reardon and co-founder Tania Edwards, both of whom have immense experience in the field because of their previous association with Patek Phillippe.

Tania Edwards has worked in the watch business for around 30 years and most of that time has been spent working at Patek Philippe. Her career began in the PR industry, where she worked to promote Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. This led to her being offered the position of Marketing Director at the Henri Stern Agency (Patek Philippe USA), which she held for ten years before moving up to Vice President. Whereas, Reardon started working in the watch industry, when he was appointed by Sotheby’s. Today, he is regarded as a leading expert on Patek Philippe and has headed major auction houses’ watch departments. He has written three books about Patek Philippe, and his scholarship is recognized by institutions and collectors around the world.

After resigning from the position of Worldwide Head of Watches at Christie’s, Reardon decided to establish Collectability. The purpose of its formation was to educate and inform collectors about Patek Phillipe watches so their buying and selling process becomes easier and more convenient on various platforms, including the primary market, the secondary market and even auctions. Customers are informed about every minute aspect of the watch by the company.

There are three main sections on the Collectability  website; Watches, Education, and the Community. Interviews and discussions with various Patek collectors, including Ed Sheeran, are included in the Community sections. Whereas the Education section provides information and insights about watches, while the Watches section tells stories about various references. Since its inception, Collectability has participated in a variety of auctions and sponsored the Horological Society of New York in 2020. An Instagram handle, YouTube channel and podcast has also been established by Collectability to assist their customers.

The assistance of an expert is invaluable when it comes to making educated purchasing decisions regarding watches. By providing individuals with information and direction regarding the vintage watch models, their history and features, businesses like Collectability have cemented their place in the watch industry and have contributed in its overall growth.