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Can We Use Apple Pay at Walmart?

There are a lot of fields and areas where technology is being used to make the work of people easier and save time. Currently, technology has made online payments possible. It was impossible for people to think of a time when mobile phones will be used by people to pay money and complete transactions without the use of a card or anything else however, in the present time, we all have seen the brilliant way in which internet and technology can be used for online payments. 

Apple Pay is one of the best online platforms launched by the company and this can be seen by the fact that almost all the stores and multinational chains have accepted the use of Apple Pay as an online payment method. Just recently, even Kroger has accepted the use of Apple Pay after resisting the application for a long time. For people who do not know, let us tell you that Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States and after this new step taken by Kroger, right now, the only big holdout that does not supports Apple Pay is Walmart. 

Yes, you might find it hard to believe but Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, and looking at the reach of the stores and popularity of the online payment application, a lot of people have questioned why does Walmart not accept apple pay. Here in the blog, we are going to discuss why Walmart is still resisting the use of Apple Pay for transitions and online payments and what other options can be used for payment at Walmart. 

The Resistance of Apple Pay by Walmart: Still a Big Question 

It is a very big question why Walmart is still resisting the use of Apple Pay since; the other major holdout Kroger has now accepted the online payment platform. Now we all know that Kroger also pushed the use of their own platform however, now they have accepted payments done by Apple Pay but, Walmart is still pushing the use of Walmart Pay instead of Apple Pay which is comparatively a more famous application. 

Back in 2016, when Apple Pay and other online platforms were gaining momentum, Walmart also launched their own online payment platform known as Walmart Pay. Now, there are a few major differences between Walmart Pay and Apple Pay that you need to know before we proceed further and tell you about the reasons why Walmart is refusing to use Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay is famous for being a completely cashless and contactless payment platform where you just need to use the application on your devices and complete the transaction that you need to complete. On the other hand, Walmart still uses QR codes as a form of payment which means that you need to use the application to scan the QR present at Walmart stores and then, complete the payment that you need to. This is the main difference between the two platforms and why people insist on using Apple Pay as they do not need to scan any QR code. 

Why is Walmart Not Using Apple Pay?

Now that you know the answer to does Walmart accept apple pay, you also need to know what are the reasons stated by Walmart. Even after Walmart Pay has been launched by the company back in 2016, the application still does not have a lot of reach as there are not many people who know about the application. 

However, despite the apparent popularity of Apple Pay, Walmart has made the bizarre claim that Walmart Pay is more popular than Apple Pay and this is why there are a lot of Walmart shoppers who are still begging for Apple Pay. 

Apart from this, Walmart has also claimed that Apple Pay does not share the data of customers which is used by the supermarket to determine the customers and classify them. Walmart has claimed that Apple Pay does not show any form of information which is very valuable for the company and this is why Walmart cannot accept the use of Apple Pay. We also know that Walmart has an entire choice of choosing the payment method for their stores but the people shopping at Walmart have shown their dissatisfaction over the use of Walmart Pay in place of Apple Pay. 

What are the other payment methods that can be used at Walmart?

Since you know that Apple Pay is not an acceptable Payment method at Walmart, there are a lot of people who are interested in knowing how to use Walmart Pay and the other payment methods that can be used by people when they want to shop at this retail giant. 

Walmart Pay is not a very difficult application to use as you can easily download this application on your mobile phone and then, enter the details of your bank account to link your bank account on the application. The application also allows you to become a Walmart Plus member and make use of all the premium features of the retail store. Being a Plus member will provide you with a lot of benefits and rewards that will make your shopping more fun at Walmart.

However, if you are not interested in using Walmart Pay then, you do not need to worry a lot as the supermarket chain has other payment methods too that you can use for cashless transactions. The retail store accepts the use of all the major credit cards like Visa, Master card, and many others so if you have any card then, you will be happy to know that you can use these cards to complete payments and transactions at Walmart anytime anywhere.

Wrap Up

Important details and information that we have shared here about Walmart and the use of Apple Pay at Walmart. The given information will make it very easier for you to shop at Walmart.