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Beyond Intervention: HDN’s Plea for Genuine Engagement in Haiti

Washington, DC – February 20, 2024 – In a bold and impassioned appeal, the Haitian Development Network (HDN) has urged the international community to reassess its approach to aiding Haiti. The organization’s founder, Jacques Jonassaint, former Special Envoy of President Emile Jonassaint to the Clinton Administration. Instrumental in the signing of the historic Port-au-Prince Accord, contends that traditional methods of intervention have not only failed to address Haiti’s challenges but have exacerbated them.

With Haiti facing deep-rooted issues ranging from economic hardship to political instability predicted in an article published in THE HILL in 2016,  “Democracy cannot be imposed by force,” states Jacques. “Billions in aid, multiple military interventions – yet Haiti is worse off today than in 1994.”

At the heart of HDN’s plea is a call for genuine engagement with the Haitian people. The organization emphasizes the importance of empowering Haitians to take charge of their own future. “The people must understand what is at stake,” he insists. “They must be active participants in the democratic process.”

Highlighting the need for a paradigm shift in international assistance, HDN challenges the notion of foreign military deployments. Instead, the organization advocates for investments in education, training, and sustainable development. “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach him how to fish, he eats for life,” as the saying goes.

Recent events, including the tragic death of a Kenyan official involved in discussions on Haiti, underscore the urgency of HDN’s message. With armed gangs wreaking havoc and hundreds of thousands displaced, Haiti stands at a critical juncture.

HDN’s stance is not merely criticism; it’s a call to action. The organization urges the international community to prioritize long-term solutions over short-term fixes, in accordance with H.R.2116 – Global Fragility Act passed by the 116th Congress (2019-2020).

“Haiti’s troubles cannot be solved overnight,” Haitian Development Network believes. “But with sustained commitment and genuine collaboration, positive change is within reach.” As Haiti grapples with multifaceted challenges, HDN remains steadfast in its mission to support the Haitian people. The organization seeks to spark meaningful dialogue, foster local capacity-building, and advocate for policies that empower Haitians to chart their own course.

For more information about the events and activities organized by HDN, please visit our website at https://hdn.org/.

Media Contact:

Name: Jacques Jonassaint

Organization: Haitian Development Network

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About the Haitian Development Network:

The Haitian Development Network (HDN) is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting economic and social development in Haiti. Our goal is to empower the Haitian people by providing them with the necessary resources and support to build a better future. To learn more about HDN and our work, please visit our website at https://hdn.org/.