For numerous reasons, Pine Tales provide fantastic stuffing for zafu meditation cushion . It is highly eco-friendly. Buckwheat hulls are produced naturally and without the use of chemicals.

Airflow is encouraged, keeping you comfortable even during extended periods of meditation. Your body is shaped by it, and there are no painful pressure spots.

It has excellent resilience. Since buckwheat doesn’t compress like other zafu fillings, you can consistently expect the same level of comfort.

Carry Handle

Your meditation cushion will be a hit, and you’ll want to carry it everywhere.

We provide carry handles on all of our meditation pillows as a result. With a carry handle, moving from one place to another, to your studio, or across the globe is much simpler.


To wash the cover and adjust the support of your zafu, every one of our zafu cushions has a zipper.

Our zafus are already pre-filled to a level that most people find very cozy. Occasionally adding or removing a little filler will make your zafu feel better. If so, unzip the garment and add or remove buckwheat hulls. Easy!

A zipper makes it possible to remove all the buckwheat hulls from your zafu cushion before washing the cover. For more detailed maintenance advice, see any product pages for our zafu cushions.

What Makes a Meditation Cushion Necessary?

The human body is neither predictable flat, nor curved. Without adequate support, your body will conform to the contours of its resting surface. Legs, hips, back, shoulders, and head are frequently affected by this, which can be uncomfortable.

Knee pillows, yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, and other supports can significantly enhance your posture and degree of comfort when meditating.

As with any practice, whether it is cooking in the kitchen, fixing things around the house, or making garments, meditation needs the right equipment to be successful.

Correct Alignment

A solid foundation is essential when practicing sitting meditation in the whole or half lotus position. The lower back should be straight and the spine upright.

The neck should be gently bent inward, the lower back should be slightly curved inward, and the head should be level (the “S” curve).

Your body is supported by this position naturally, which also provides the most comfort and lessens strain on the spinal structures. The classic Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushions are effective in the lotus position.

The classic round pleated cushion known as the Zafu Meditation Cushion lifts the hips and upper torso to provide a comfortable resting position for the legs. Typically, one sits on the edge of the zafu with their thighs gently sloping downward.

In this position, the hips are rolled forward, causing the spinal column’s natural curve. The head, neck, shoulders, and back assume a relaxed upright posture that is simple to maintain during meditation when the spinal column is in its natural alignment.

The zafu is most effective when used by people of average height and flexibility, which ranges from ordinary to above average.

Taller people and others with less flexibility typically benefit from a higher lift.