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Best Beauty & Health Bloggers Of 2023

Best Beauty blogs are as important in the world of makeup, cosmetics, and skin care as food is to humans. However, just like different dishes, there are a variety of beauty blogs available online, making it tough to select the best ones. Various bloggers claiming to be experts (when they are not) frequently mislead us. But don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of the top beauty blogs to help you ace your beauty game. Continue reading!

The Beauty Of It Is

Katey Denno, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City, writes and maintains this blog. She gives product reviews and uploads beauty looks she designed for celebrities to help you imitate them. Denno also uses her platform and blog to promote body positivity. You can subscribe to the blog to receive new makeup tutorials, reviews, and skin care tips.

Fashion Trivia

Katey Denno is a green beauty lifestyle specialist who predominantly uses organic products.

Wendy Rowe is a well-known international makeup artist and beauty specialist. She has over a decade of beauty experience and a thorough understanding of skin care. Her site is one of the top beauty blogs on the internet. She has also collaborated with La Bouche Rouge to create an eco-friendly lipstick collection. Wendy Rowe’s site is dedicated to makeup, skincare, and wellness, and you may follow her for a holistic approach to beauty and skincare.

Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley’s Wardrobe is your portal to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle worlds. Shirley B Eniang developed and maintained this site and has a popular YouTube channel. Her blog has information on anything from high heels to the best mattifiers on the market. She also keeps an interesting photo diary in which she documents bits and pieces of her daily life!

Estee’ Lalonde’s 

Estee’ Lalonde is a creative director based in London who has been blogging about beauty for over a decade. She began with a YouTube channel and then moved on to a blog. Lalonde covers themes other than aesthetics, such as mental health. She is honest and transparent with her audience and works with various brands. She has had numerous featurettes published in beauty magazines such as Vogue and Glamour.

Amber Fillerup Clark’s

Amber Fillerup Clark’s blog is more like her personal diary, where she pours her heart out on various themes. Her blog provides an insight into her journey to remain and feel well, from hairdo and wardrobe tips to makeup, skincare, and wellness.

Link to The Sunday Girl’s 

The Sunday Girl is dedicated to disseminating knowledge on the best beauty products and serving as a guide to assist people on their skincare journey. Adrienne Sondag launched this blog in 2011 and immediately gained a global following. It has also received numerous honours. Check out this blog for unbiased reviews on which items work and which do not.

Link to the Beauty Look Book Blog

About the Site: This blog focuses on beauty, such as makeup, fragrances, hair care, skincare, and more, with some lifestyle components thrown in for good measure. In 2009, The Beauty Look Book began as a forum for business plan creation, product innovation, and social media marketing. Sabrina, the inventor, used it as a creative outlet to promote her love of beauty, fashion, and photography. The blog concentrates on high-end brands and includes a travel section.

Anna Newton

The Blog’s Background: Anna Newton, an award-winning content creator, launched her blog and YouTube channel ‘The Anna Edit’ in 2010. She is a beauty junkie, and her blog is the world’s fifth largest in the lifestyle category on Bloglovin. Anna Newton has appeared in Grazia, Stylist, YOU, Metro, and The Guardian, among other publications. Her blog contains extensive product reviews for both luxury and cheap products.

Amelia Liana’s 

The Blog’s Background: Amelia Liana, a London-based beauty influencer, created this website at 21. She was a Suitcase magazine beauty editor and Cosmopolitan beauty blogger. Amelia is a beauty junkie who has worked with various beauty and lifestyle brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, and Armani Beauty. She has also written for Grazia, The Sunday Times Style, and Cosmopolitan.

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman, the blogger behind The Satorialist, is a photographer. He started this blog to start a two-way conversation regarding the fashion world and its impact on everyday life. His works can be seen in GQ, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Paris. For three years, he shot and edited his GQ cover. His work is so amazing that it has permanent collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. Schuman has also worked with companies such as Kiehl’s, Burberry, DKNY Jeans, Nespresso, and many others.

Patricia Bright’s blog 

Patricia Bright’s blog is about beauty and leisure. You may watch her makeup and beauty routines on her YouTube account. You may also keep up with fashions and trends by reading her informative writings. She also blogs on travel, dieting, and how to look and feel well.

The Budget Fashionista’s Blog

About the Blog: Beauty is only sometimes expensive. Check out Catherine Brock’s Budget Fashionista if you want to look gorgeous without breaking the bank. This is your one-stop thrift shop for beauty on a budget, with everything from apparel needs and hair care treatments to skin care remedies!

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