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Acoustic Consultant Ned Shatzer Discusses and Highlights Hush’s Approach to Office Soundproofing

New York City, USA, September 2, 2023 – Ned Shatzer, Acoustic Consultant and Owner of Hush, sheds light on the quiet dedication behind the company’s trusted services in sound isolation and office soundproofing.

A Humble Approach to Quality in Office Soundproofing

“As an Acoustic Consultant, I’ve learned that even the smallest detail can make a difference. The expectations are high for our luxury office building clients, so we’re very precise with our RT60 readings and carefully choose the right acoustic panels for each job,” says Ned Shatzer, Acoustic Consultant and Owner of Hush.

Quietly Changing the Game in Soundproofing with Acoustic Panels

While others might shout about their accomplishments, Hush prefers to let the quality of its soundproofing solutions speak for itself. “We’re committed to using the best materials. I’m proud to say, every acoustic panel is custom made in our Brooklyn shop space,” notes Ned quietly.

Focused on Quality: The Composition of Hush’s Acoustic Panels

Hush’s acoustic panels are specifically designed with high-quality components like mineral wool, Acoustical Fabric, and metal framing. These materials are not only effective for soundproofing but also meet rigorous Fire Retardant standards set by the FDNY and DOB. “Choosing the right materials isn’t just about blocking noise; it’s about keeping our clients safe and sound,” says Ned Shatzer.

In-Depth on Sound Isolation Materials

When it comes to sound isolation, Hush goes beyond conventional methods by utilizing state-of-the-art materials such as Mass Loaded Vinyl, Rockwool SafenSound, and Viscoelastic compounds like Green Glue.

These materials have proven effective in achieving optimal Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings, leading the industry in both quality and safety.

Decoding NRC Ratings

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings of Hush’s NRC .85-1.00 acoustic panels indicate their effectiveness in absorbing sound, creating a peaceful work environment. These ratings serve as a valuable metric for clients to understand how the soundproofing will absorb echo in their specific spaces.

Client Testimonials Echo Hush’s Effective Soundproofing Solutions

Steven Russell, Director, Facilities Management at Dow Jones, reflects on the value of Hush’s services. “Our decision to invest in office soundproofing with Hush has significantly improved our work environment and team productivity.”

A Forward-Thinking Acoustic Consultant

“In this line of work, our focus is not just on today, but on how we can continue to improve office soundproofing for the future,” says Ned Shatzer. Hush remains committed to evolving without sacrificing the quality that has made them a trusted name in soundproofing.


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