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A Guide to the Best Digital Signage Software of

Looking to display messages and graphics on electronic signs? Perhaps you want to alert the public to a promotion that your business is putting on. If so, you can do so with the help of digital signage software.

Digital signage software enables you to display text, images, and video on electronically-driven signs. It allows you to alter content on your signs from a remote area in only a few minutes of time.

There are all sorts of digital signage software on the market today. The question is: which should you choose? We’re going to help you answer that question below, as we review some of the best digital signage software available at the moment.

Telemetry TV

Topping our list is Telemetry TV. This software runs on a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Linux, and more. Its cheapest package costs just over $50 a month while its most expensive package costs $700 a month.

Most small businesses can get by with their Starter package. It offers Canva compatibility, not to mention video file storage and live chat support.

If you’re interested in more functionality, you can opt for its Standard package. This is $280 a month and offers everything that the Starter package offers. Additional features include group permissions, playlist templates, and customized dashboards.

The Plus package is the $700-dollar-a-month option. It comes with everything the Standard package offers, plus premium support, embeddable playlists, and auto-expiring media capabilities. You can further educate yourself about Telemetry TV.


Up next is Yodeck. This software is great for creating signs of all kinds. It enables you to seamlessly post websites, PDFs, videos, images, and more.

It’s highly secure. It also provides an easy-to-use interface, whether it’s being used on a computer or phone. This interface enables users to make quick and efficient content changes.

Another big benefit of this software is that it’s cheap. If you’re only displaying content on a single screen, you don’t need to pay for it at all. If you’re displaying on several screens, you can do so by paying a low monthly fee.


The next digital signage software we’re going to discuss is Embed. This is one of the cheapest digital signage software out there. It costs $185 a year for its standard package and $237 a year for its standard + analytics package.

Despite its low price, Embed has a great deal to offer. Not only does it come with a top-notch and easy-to-use visual builder, but it also enables you to schedule content changes so that you can automatically alter content over time.

Embed can be accessed on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. These include Chrome, Android, iOS, Samsung Smart Signage, and more.

When you buy the analytics package from Embed, you’ll get data indicating the success of your various content. This will enable you to better strategize for the future.

If you’re working on a small budget, this is signage software you should consider. It offers top-notch functionality at an extremely affordable price.

Screen Cloud

Another software that enables you to seamlessly transform the content on digital signs is Screen Cloud. This software is available at a mid-range price. Whereas its core package costs $20 a month per screen, its Pro package costs $30 a month per screen, and its Enterprise package costs $40 a month per screen.

The Core package offers everything from built-in templates to editing capabilities to unlimited storage to the GraphQL API and more. It also comes with professional support.

The advanced packages provide many more features, including Power BI integration, Staffbase integration, custom fonts, ScreenCloud Touch, and much more.

If you’re looking for an endless range of features, look no further than Screen Cloud. Yes, it’s expensive. However, its features more than justify its price.


Another top-notch software for editing digital business signs is truDigital. Like Screen Cloud, truDigital is on the expensive side. However, it offers plenty of features to make it worth your money.

The Bronze package costs $29 a month per screen. The Silver package costs $39 a month per screen. The Gold package costs $49 a month per screen.

The Bronze package offers everything from unlimited user support to a content scheduler to unlimited storage to status notifications and more. It enables you to upload files of your own but does not come with built-in templates or a content editor.

The Silver and Gold packages, on the other hand, come with over 300 templates, not to mention a variety of integration capabilities. This is in addition to features like weather forecasts, social media syncing, and more.


The last digital signage software we’re going to discuss is UPshow. This software is great for altering the content on professional signs. Note, however, that it’s on the expensive side.

The Quick Start package costs $50 a month. The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise packages cost even more than this.

While it does offer a variety of cool features, including content scheduling, social media integration, and interactive gaming capabilities, its price might make it hard for you to justify buying. Nonetheless, it facilitates all types of signs and deserves your consideration.

There Is a Huge Selection of Digital Signage Software Out There

When everything is added up, there is a huge selection of digital signage software out there. The ones reviewed above comprise only a small selection of what’s available to you. Regardless of your budget and preferences, you should be able to find signage software that serves your needs.

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