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A good position in a good company Uss Express LLC

We do not doubt that everyone wants to have a good job and work for a good company. This is also relevant for candidates applying for home packing jobs. These people want to be sure that their future employers will provide high salaries and remote working conditions. Is it ever possible to find a good remote position in a good company specializing in international shipping and logistics? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s not as difficult as you may consider.

Explore the vacancy of a quality manager in Uss-Express. The company has hired a lot of people for this position during the lockdown, but there is still a vacant place for you. Use this opportunity and you will earn good money and gain a very helpful experience in the industry of international shipping and logistics.

Pros and cons of a remote position

All shipping jobs from home are responsible because it’s your duty to make sure the end-customer will receive a proper parcel in great condition. Due to such pressure, we can’t say only optimistic things about this remote position. Before joining Uss-Express, consider both pros and cons. 


  • you have a flexible work schedule and you can adjust it to fit your private life and remote conditions; 
  • you don’t need to travel to the office and you receive $3,200 per month if you work as a full-time worker; 
  • you work from home packing and shipping goods and gain experience in shipment processing; 
  • one of the best packing jobs from home in terms of entry-level; 
  • you don’t need to prove your qualifications in management or logistics – they aren’t required at all. 


  • you cannot adjust the schedule to the maximum extent because it’s often impacted by the flow of parcels; 
  • you are required to have access to special gadgets.

What does a quality manager do?

If you want to get this packing job at home, you must be sure that you will be able to do your part well. Quality is the main thing for any quality manager. If you will be hired for this position by Uss-Express, you will execute the following functions: 

  • Receive and process packages according to the needs of the customer;
  • Check the quality of the items;
  • Take pics if necessary;
  • Repack items and combine different orders on request;
  • Ship packages within the timeframe set by the customer using a shipping label provided by the company.

Honest reviews of the company’s reputation Uss Express

Packing from home jobs are responsible. So you should take your employer seriously and learn more about its reputation in the market. We did this for you and read reviews of clients and workers about Uss-Express on Indeed, Trustpilot, AmbitionBox, Glassdoor, and other review platforms.

1. I’ve been working with uss-express for only a few months but even this period was enough to understand that it’s a good company. Pros of the deliverer low prices fast delivery 24/7 support quality packages – David J on Sitejabber.

2. This company isn’t much different from the ones I worked at. All I can say is that I like the financial side of working here. The only thing I don’t like is the number of orders – sometimes it’s quite challenging to cope with them all. But in general, I like the job. – a former manager of Uss-Express on Indeed.

3. The organization is trustworthy; I formerly worked at a company that needed me to work from home in order to receive and examine things acquired from online vendors. – Joshua Kings on AmbitionBox.

You will work if you pass all the steps

You are still enthusiastic about starting to work from home shipping packages in the Uss-Express delivery agency? If yes, you should not hesitate anymore, just pass all the following steps and this position is yours!

1. Fill in the applicant form on the site of Uss-Express.

2. Take a 10-minute interview.

3. Complete a web training session.

We wish you all the best in this company!