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9GAG partners with metaverse Affyn to further enhance its presence in web3

Singapore, Singapore, April 2, 2024 – 9GAG, the world’s top viral/comedy community forum based in Hong Kong, is embarking on a new journey. It will focus on blending its IPs with Singapore-based blockchain gaming startup Affyn in an effort to merge culture with gaming.

Both brands aim to provide a richer, more engaging experience for their communities while broadening their brand visibility.

9GAG claims to have 200 million unique users and followers. The company has taken an exciting and very different path from many other online publishing companies. Founded in 2008, it passed through the 500 Startups accelerator in 2011 and Y-Combinator in 2012, raising $2.8 million from investors.

It made its name as a place to find amusing images, and now it is diversifying its business to increase engagement and value for users while simultaneously enabling some of Asia’s hidden gems to shine through its platform.

That’s the message from CEO and co-founder Ray Chan ahead of Affyn’s Buddy Arena game launch and 9GAG’s one-of-a-kind mobile game collaboration. “9GAG will blend its meme culture with Affyn’s game character IPs to launch a set of limited edition in-game items within its upcoming Buddy Arena game.”

As a community-driven site, Chan and the 9GAG team want to serve its users by surfacing the kind of content that they’ll enjoy and engage with. Beyond images and comedy skits, it now expands into web3.

CEO Lucaz and his team at Affyn have always been keen on promoting shared values and expanding audiences within and beyond web3 through brand synergies, “as it shows commitment to innovation and creativity, setting a precedent in the industry for similar collabs.”

“We want to enrich the gaming experience in our upcoming Buddy Arena game, and 9GAG adds an additional layer of fun and personal expression,” says Lucaz, the CEO and founder of Affyn.

Ray Chan, 9GAG CEO: As a community, we always want to create value for our users. On the other hand, utilising NFTs and gaming has opened up monetisation opportunities for a lot of people, and we’re happy to contribute to this dynamic growing economy.

Big On Web3.0

The Hong Kong-based company also ventured into video game publishing back in 2015, but that wasn’t the only strategy that 9GAG differs from its competitors. Its hands-on approach to creating synergies not only brings new experiences to existing fans but also attracts new enthusiasts to both platforms.

According to Lucaz, Affyn’s approach to gaming is centred around community engagement, which solidifies the collaborations with 9GAG.

As for Affyn, the startup raised 20 million funding in 2022, recently unveiled Omnia Sync, their multichain gaming ecosystem as a strategic imperative to empower users and enhance their gaming experience. With the game having launched on 21 March, he added that 9GAG allows creative experimentation in efforts to merge communities and broaden Web3 gaming.

About 9GAG

9GAG is a leading global humour platform with over 200M followers and a massive monthly active user base. With a vast user community, 9GAG shapes internet culture through curated content that spreads laughter worldwide. For more information, visit www.9gag.com.

About Affyn

Affyn is a multi-chain gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to build a sustainable closed-loop economy, where users can play and earn in the virtual world, and utilize their rewards in the real world.


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