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7 Ways Social Media and Timesheet Applications Enhance Workplace Productivity

Are you tired of the constant struggle to keep your team productive and engaged at work? Doesn’t it sound familiar? Look no further than social media! Wondering how social media can help? Contrary to general belief, social media can actually be a very powerful tool for boosting resource productivity. Let’s explore some of the most effective ways that social media can enable your team to communicate and connect better, stay motivated, and be more productive. Yes! Social media can be a robust tool to boost workplace productivity if used correctly. In today’s times where employees are mostly working remotely, a timesheet application is another tool that is very necessary to implement. 

Social media important for your business

Let’s explore the top 7 ways in which social media can improve your workplace productivity:

1. Collaboration

Various social media platforms such as MS Teams, Slack, and Yammer offer a collaborative workspace where your staff can share data, ideas, files for review, and feedback in real-time. Imagine the benefit of saving a lot of time. This also helps to boost productivity by cutting down the need for sending email chains every time and organising meetings. Social media platforms also act as a bridge in such challenging scenarios by enabling the staff to communicate effortlessly. Obviously, it is also much faster as compared to most traditional communication tools such as email and other messaging software. Besides that, implementing a timesheet application is very helpful in collaborating and communicating with all internal and external stakeholders.

2. Networking 

Another benefit of leveraging social media in the workplace is that it helps the staff build and foster professional networks, which results in new opportunities and better collaborations. For example, LinkedIn could be utilized to connect with old colleagues, potential clients, and industry leaders. Social media helps businesses significantly to connect and network with the right people. In addition, it also serves as an online marketplace where you can meet your potential customers. Therefore, actionable insights offered by various social media apps help companies understand their target consumers, purchase history, and buying behaviour. 

3. Learning and development

Social media is also a very beneficial source of employees’ learning and development. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter help in connecting with industry experts and thought leaders to know their insights and opinion on various matters. Some popular platforms such as edWeb, Edmodo, LinkedIn Learning, ISTE community, and Ted-Ed are preferred by many professionals for their learning and career development. People can access these platforms in their free time and learn more about their niche or industry by enrolling in training modules, and readings articles shared on these social media platforms. 

4. Employee engagement

Social media can also help boost employee engagement by enhancing a sense of community and connection within the organization. Many social media platforms like Workplace by Facebook and timesheet applications provide a space where employees can collaborate, interact, share data or information, and work together in a fun and engaging way.

5. Places the organization on a global platform

When organizations or brands create their social media profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, they tend to get open access to a global audience. Consequently, they can target a much larger consumer base. Various organizations these days are positioning themselves globally or working with distributed teams that are located in different geographies.  Using social media sites and software like timesheet application, they can easily engage with their employees or customers based in a different location. 

6. Leads to organic traffic to your website and boosts sales

Social media is also very beneficial to attract organic traffic that creates more leads for businesses. By using the analytics provided by social media platforms, companies can target their customers and track their activity. Therefore, when customers think of buying a product or service in that category, the brand or company is their first choice. For instance, people think of Coca-cola when they are looking for a soft drink. What’s more? Companies today also leverage contests and initiatives in collaboration with social media influencers to enable building a community to drive sales.

7. Useful for rewards and recognition

Companies can also leverage social media to reward and recognize their employees. They could post their story on some platform like LinkedIn, which can motivate them. They can also go for shout-out stories crediting a person’s accomplishment or hard work. This provides a sense of purpose to the employee, and he or she feels that the efforts have been worth it. Recognizing the employees on social media will also inspire them to work harder and reach their future goals. Other than improving productivity, giving rewards and recognition on social media improves employee retention.

To conclude…

In a nutshell, social media can be a powerful tool for boosting productivity at your workplace, if used correctly. It not only promotes open communication and collaboration, better networking, learning and development, brand building, employee engagement, but also helps employees be more productive.

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