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7 Best Kraft Packaging Ideas for your Small business

Kraft paper, known for its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness, is one of the most sold packaging materials. Most of the time, it is sold in bulk due to its excessive demand in the packaging world, and the changing trend of small businesses toward creating top-notch Custom Kraft Boxes.

This post is all about what Kraft material is, its several benefits, and the best packaging ideas that small businesses can consider while using Kraft material for manufacturing their customized packaging.


Made from recycled products, it helps eco-friendly customers and brands use these boxes with enough confidence and surety of causing no harm to the environment. Customized Kraft boxes are preferred by small businesses having a limited amount of budget, as it helps them stand out in the marketplace without charging much to their pockets.

Kraft is a sustainable material used excessively by brands, made from wooden extract, also known as pulp. When you compare it with other material options in the market, it is relatively sturdy, resilient, and very convenient to use. That’s why it has a massive demand. To satisfy this demand, businesses tend to order Kraft boxes wholesale to get the maximum benefit out of these boxes in bulk and save significant costs of manufacturing.

Many industries are benefiting from custom Kraft boxes, including beauty, healthcare, technology, food and beverages, and many more.


Small business owners are much pickier about making any decisions for their business. The reason is, they don’t have much budget to invest in particular things. Also, they want quality packaging at the same time to attract more customers to their brand and create a distinctive brand engagement.

To satisfy the purpose and come up with unique, quality packaging, they prefer using Kraft material instead of others. The reason why they prefer it over others is mentioned below.

  • Being highly bio-degradable, these custom printed Kraft boxes are the most convenient ones to use, coming straight away from the finest pine pulp. If you are conscious about contributing your part towards saving the mother planet, it is the best time.
  • Choosing Kraft as your packaging material helps in saving the entire environment from any sort of hazards, as very little waste material goes into the surrounding while manufacturing Kraft packaging.
  • The current generation is an aware one, and everyone wants to spend money on sustainable sources. Therefore, using Kraft material can help you earn customer loyalty while giving you a significant competitive edge at the same time, setting your packaging as well as the product apart from others. Moreover, purchasing these boxes in bulk is always the most affordable option while not compromising the overall quality of the boxes.
  • With perfect Kraft packaging, customers are overwhelmed to receive their products, and even refer your brand to others. These elevated customer experiences result in massive sales for your brand and help in boosting the overall brand reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Kraft material is sturdy enough to ensure the safe transportation of your goods. Moreover, it is ideal for portraying a well-defined professional image of your brand in front of potential customers.


Vibrant and striking packaging is what can change the entire game for small businesses. It is the key element of the professional portrayal of your brand. Kraft paper is best known for its adaptability and can accommodate all the changing needs of customers and brands. There are multiple types of boxes with different cut-outs and styles to serve the purpose well.

Below are mentioned the top 7 ideas which small businesses can take inspiration from when thinking of some different Kraft packaging ideas.


You can demonstrate your entire brand as well as its products in the best manner, using these boxes. Coming up in a variety of styles and shapes, these boxes are ideal for providing excellent packaging support to multiple industries. Moreover, with these boxes, you have got the best opportunity to showcase your brand logo and any other significant information.


For packaging different food and beverages, paper bags made of Kraft are an ideal option for small businesses. You can also use them for different retail purposes and showcase your brand information on them, printing your brand details and relevant information.


Kraft boxes can be used for gifting purposes as well. On special business occasions as well as personal ones, you can package special items in beautiful Kraft gift boxes. Gifting them to your special ones can make them feel extremely overwhelmed.

4. Mailer Boxes

For shipping different products, Kraft mailer boxes are always preferred due to their flexible and resilient nature. This ensures the protection of goods at all times during the shipping and delivery mechanism.


Made from biodegradable resources, Kraft paper tape is the best option for sealing different boxes. It can also be used for demonstrating brand details when imprinted on these tapes.


These hang tags are used for different clothing and retail products, available in different shapes and sizes. You can add your brand information as well as product information to them. These hangtags are therefore ideal to demonstrate all the necessary details regarding your brand and the product.


For further ensuring the enhanced protection levels of your product, tissue papers made of Kraft material are an ideal option to use. They not only add to the overall elegant looks of your product but are also helpful from the branding perspective.

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