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6 Tips on How to Enhance Productivity on Workation

Today, many people have the flexibility to blend work and travel. If your job only requires a laptop and a smartphone, you can explore the world while staying productive. Workation enthusiasts claim this work style can boost creativity, expand social connections, and recharge your batteries. But if you’re new to incorporating workation into your life, you might experience a decline in your productivity. To enhance productivity and help you make the most of your working vacation, delve into this guide.

Plan Ahead

Effective time management begins with careful planning. Ideally, outline your to-do list the day before so that you don’t waste time in the morning prioritizing your tasks. With a ready plan, you can dive right into your work and feel a sense of accomplishment as you tick off completed tasks or move them to the “Done” section on your online board.

Choose the Right Workspace

With your daily tasks organized, you’ll see which workspace best suits your needs. On days packed with meetings, working from a bustling café might not be the best choice due to the distractions. Background music, conversations, and clattering dishes can hinder the communication process and even harm your professional image. In such cases, opt for a coworking space with meeting rooms or work from the comfort of your hotel room. On quieter days when interaction isn’t a priority, you can tackle tasks from a terrace, a café, or even the beach.

Track Your Time

Understanding the time required for each task is crucial for maintaining productivity. Even if you have a rough estimate of the time frame, it can vary from one environment to another. In an office, for instance, getting feedback from colleagues or approval from management might only require a five-minute chat at their desks. During a workation, however, most of your communication happens through messaging apps and email, potentially extending your familiar time frames. Moreover, poor internet quality or occasional forgetfulness, such as leaving your laptop charger behind, can affect productivity. To optimize your workday, consider using time-tracking software or a notepad to help adapt your plans based on time spent.

Use Mobile Apps

Remote work occasionally requires scanning, printing, or signing documents like contracts or rental agreements. Finding a stationary scanner and printer in an unfamiliar location can be daunting and time-consuming. Instead, simply install a scanner app or even a faxing app on your smartphone. For example, the iScanner app makes high-quality scans, and its AI-powered features remove skews and warps, eliminate light distortions, and even erase intrusive fingers from scans. Most scanning apps also allow you to edit and sign documents without printing them out.

Embrace Online Services

During your workation, you might need services like auto repair, dry cleaning, hairdressing, or even plumbing if you’re staying in a rented apartment. In a new location, finding a reliable service can be a challenge. Although Google Maps is a helpful tool for finding local businesses and reading reviews, it works better for services like gym facilities or dry cleaning. This is particularly true if you use an online translator to understand reviews in the local language. Nevertheless, not all professionals have business profiles on Google Maps. Therefore, you might want to consider the Yelp app as an alternative. It includes Home Services and Auto Service categories, providing an extensive list of professionals from electricians to house cleaners.

Allocate Time for Leisure

One of the greatest benefits of a workation is the opportunity to explore and experience new places. To maintain a work-life balance, set time limits for leisure, align your personal time with work commitments, and factor in time zones and availability windows. If your work schedule is flexible, handle your tasks in the morning and evening, reserving the afternoon for leisure activities. Remember, gaining new experiences is also one of your workation goals, so allocate time accordingly.