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3 Tips on how to Start a White Label CBD Business

CBD, the short form of Cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant with over a hundred other variations of cannabinoids. But CBD is not Marijuana.

It’s acquired from industrial hemp, and to get a license from the USDA, the THC level needs to be less than 0.3% of the dry weight. So, CBD doesn’t quite produce the ‘high’ but provides a few therapeutic benefits and is commonly used for wellness treatments.

Now, a white label CBD business manages all the production of Marijuana and hemp for companies that haven’t established any manufacturing unit yet. They provide brands specific products that they can deliver to licensed retailers much quicker and less expensively.

The CBD industry is at its most reading phase right now. But to succeed in a pretty saturated market, you need effective planning from the outset.

Here are 3 tips on how you can start your journey as a white label CBD business:

1.  Target the right audience

You may get overwhelmed seeing the CBD market’s diversity and variety, especially if you’re new. Once, the most popular kind was an all-rounder sort of variety, but that’s not the case anymore. There are hundreds of companies who’ve already been there and done that.

As the industry has naturally matured through time, brands need to come up with something fresh, something innovative to gain market share. In an extremely saturated market, CBD businesses like Essentia Pura are targeting their audience rather than waging a price war in which everybody will be ruined eventually.

Don’t make your target customer base too narrow, and try to deliver them something unique. It can be health-conscious zen lovers and stressed-out moms- but whatever group you want to target, commit to it fully.

Try to know the needs and demands of your audience to build your brand image. Great products aren’t enough; your brand must mean something to your customers. To serve that purpose, you must select your audience wisely and understand them well.

CBD has gone past the novelty factor it once had. The customer base has matured. It’s not just an expectation now, it’s a demand for quality that you must fulfill.

Most consumers won’t pay for just the CBD; they want the whole brand. And when brands are trying to convince that their product is exceptional, your white label production also needs to get to that level.

Like any other commercial product, when the audience reaches a standard maturity, you need to give them reasons to stick by your side. And like every other industry, diversification is the most important part to succeed as a white label CBD business.

2.  Build a reputation as a supplier

Establishing a CBD business from scratch requires a rather big startup capital. Unfortunately, many new companies don’t get that kind of investment right at the start.

That’s where your white label CBD products will come in. They’ll hire you as a supplier so that they can focus on brand building. And you need to only concern yourself with high-quality products that will make a difference.

As a white label CBD business, you’ll need to secure top-class genetics to grow the hemp, invest in organic production to generate toxin-free products, and prevent contamination. You need to grow and harvest the plants, extract, winterize, distill the CBD, and formulate that extract into high-quality products.

3.  Build your image

The market for CBD is over-saturated. As a result, many cannabis startups don’t even dare to enter the CBD space. Hence, a handful of companies enjoy total domination.

But, there are creative brands that want to shake things up. And as a white label CBD business, you need to be ready for everything they demand.

You must work on unique formulas and custom products, offer variety, transparency, and detailed information, set competitive pricing, and consistently upgrade your production systems. You must state why your products are superior to other white label manufacturers.

You need to freshen up your product line-up to be approachable for those super-creative and daring companies. For them, you must be ready to approach things differently or produce unique products.

Also, if you start producing CBD gummies, pack them with vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients like mushrooms or spirulina.


Starting a white label CBD business isn’t as easy as it used to be. But most consumers are trying to get away from shady dealers and rather want trustworthy wellness products.

So, you need to adapt and produce accordingly. Transparency, the desire to experiment, the courage to take up unique formulations or requests from brands, consistent and reliable quality, and diversity in your products are the keys to shining in this market.